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May 12, 2006

Passing Through

Eleioni's Journal

I was just passing through Waterdeep when I heard of this contest. I found it interesting: go into Undermountain and retrieve a 1í tall wooden statue of Mystra. Now I wasnít part of an adventuring group, but I really had nowhere to be so I decided to see if I could find one to join. As luck would have it was able to group up with a few others who also seam to be traveling alone for the most part. It didnít take much talk to convince them that we could get the prize, and a steady source of income would be nice also.

So we descend into Undermountain and I ask if anyone is good at finding traps. Shoshiro said he could and so he lead the way with us trailing a short distance behind. It didnít take long before we realized he needed a light source, and being as I can see well enough with no light at all, I didnít think to grab a lantern. He was handed an everburning torch and again took the lead.

We then came to a room that had a gold coin in the center of it. I thought it was a trap, but when the magic torch entered the room it went out. Apparently it was a magic dead area, so we waited there with the torch while Shoshiro went to examine it. I admit I soon lost interest until someone mentioned there was writing on the far wall. I then walked across the room into another hall and stood there with the torch so it could be read. I got bored again as people tried to determine if there was a trap, and what it was. The next thing I know Flic, a drow spell caster, said we had some company coming form one of the halls. It turned out to be some goblins.

It turns out that Kanelyth is damn good with a bow. Unfortunately I couldnít hit anything for a while there. I guess I was having an off day. Flic and I were surrounded at one point, but we survived. Mainly because this strange creature entered the room and the goblins fled in fear from it. It then left. Sanura was able to heal Flic back to consciousness, and we continued on. It turns out that Sanura is a follower of Sharess otherwise known as Bast apparently. I canít say Iím familiar with that deity, but she seems decent enough. Honestly I do believe everyone here will make a good team as soon as we learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

We traveled for a while longer following the trail of an injured goblin till we came across his corpse. We then decided to keep going in the direction he seemed to be heading, figuring he was trying to get somewhere. After a while of walking we came to a large room. I saw an odd shaped head peek around the corned. It looked right at me.

“Hello.” I said both to warn the others that weíd been spotted, and hopefully to show we meant it no harm.

“Dinner.” It replied as it came at me.

The next thing I know Sanura was looking down at me and my swords were under that beast. I got up grabbed my bow and started to shoot at it. Eventually it fell and I was able to retrieve my weapons. After searching its lair we found some healing potions, which I took because I still needed a lot of healing. Now, an hour or so into our expedition, we need to rest for a while. Ah well, Iím having fun.

Posted by Fred at 08:20 | Eleioni’s Journal

Shoshiro's Bio

Shoshiro's Journal XPCs

I was raised from birth in the Province of T’u Lng, Shou. From as early as I can remember I was being trained to be a ninja for my honored lord. I embraced my training and committed my life to the teachings of my masters with all I could offer. I achieved much and at 16 completed my training. I joined the ranks of my fellow ninjas. We scouted and prepared our clan for war. And in certain situations it became necessary for us to eliminate our enemies. We approached in the night and emerged from the shadows. Often times if you saw me at all it meant you were about to die. I did my job and did it well.

However a day came were I was to assassinate an evil general who was about to attack our clan. I killed the man, but in the process I killed his 7-year-old son. There could be no witnesses. My actions were made public and it was determined that my actions had brought shame to our clan and I was dishonored. I was expelled by my lord until had destroyed enough evil I to cancel out the loss of the innocent boy that I had killed. I have been branded by a mystical tattoo of a burning devil across my back and as I destroy evil creatures it will slowly disappear. When it is no longer there I will be able to return to my people with my honor restored.

I give up my life to do well and will protect those who need protected. However I am not a fool and will not throw away my life if it is not necessary. Ninjas are trained to do what they need to do.

Shoshiro, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Shoshiro Tanaka [Ninja]

Cause of death: accidentally killed by Sanura’s doppelganger’s fireball from a Rod of Wonder.

Posted by Bryon at 13:49 | Shoshiro’s Journal | XPCs

Kanelyth's Bio

Kanelyth's Journal XPCs

Kanelyth is the name I shall use for my Walk of the Four Winds. Eagle’s Child - does it mean anything, or did I just like the sound? Certainly, it represents a goal; I plan to fly like my namesake, and the sooner the better!

The elders told me - Walk! And walk I did, although a hop, skip, and jump for joy had some winged assistance now and then. My glides grow longer every day, and more controlled (some of my first leaps had rather embarrassing endings). I used to console myself with the thought that no one else could see me, and perhaps that was the reason for the Walk.

Why do we send our young folk into the unknown to learn to fly? When a full quarter never return, why not find some other manner of testing, of teaching? I suppose we each find our own answer to that... but I know that I would not have it any other way for myself. I have already seen so much, yet so little of the whole!

I will not tell you where my home is - somewhere in the Spine of the World, as others call it. I suppose I could have stayed nearby, practicing flying to the exclusion of all else, and gone home in triumph within a short time - but why not do more? I’d listened to many discussions about the rest of Faerun - time to see for myself.

And, of course, the best place to do that is the city of Waterdeep. Truly, everyone has heard of the place. To see my first sunset over the ocean - how I envied the gulls! I spent several days walking the city, watching and learning, before I began to wish for some company. When I overheard talk of a contest at the Inn up the street, I turned in for a look...

Kanelyth, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Kanelyth [Raptoran Fighter]

Cause of death: killed by Sanura’s doppelganger after seeing her kill Eleioni.

Posted by Kate at 14:36 | Kanelyth’s Journal | XPCs

Flic's Bio

Flic's Journal XPCs

Flic, a half-drow sorcerer from the Dalelands, with his familiar Owl.

Flic, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Flic [Half-Drow Sorcerer]
Companion sheet: Owl [Familiar of Flic]

Cause of death: rhinoceros summoned to help party.

Posted by Jim at 14:40 | Flic’s Journal | XPCs

Quest for Honor

Shoshiro's Journal

I have left my region of Shou, because I have no honor. I have failed my lord and will not return until I have regained it or will return via the spirit world. I have joined this group to fight the evil, which dwells beneath Waterdeep. I will protect the group I have joined to the best of my ability and will present my share when we complete this task to my noble lord. I have begun my journey today and my group is a rather interesting mix of beings.

The warrior seems honorable and will fight in any situation, even if it means certain death. I have witnessed him fight outnumbered, to protect the sorcerer from a horde of evil goblins. He was the first to attack the great demon, which attacked us later.

He has made a powerful ally.

The sorcerer seems to have knowledge of arts that were and are a great value to us. His power can be used to achieve much, but for good or evil. This I am not sure. I feel as if he is only here for the money.

That brings me to the bird and the cat. I have little interest in either of them. The cat seems to have come from a world that has no honor and she carries herself accordingly. Her ability to heal people however has great value and she needs to be protected. I have never seen a creature quite like the bird. She is a warrior and yet carries no sword. I too will use my bow whenever I can, but I am no warrior and make no illusions about being one.

I am worried about our current position. I have no idea were in this labyrinth we are and fear that no one else does as well. I am not sure if we are making any progress either. No matter if we succeed, then we succeed. Otherwise I will kill as many demons as possible and die with some of my honor being restored to me.

Posted by Bryon at 16:36 | Shoshiro’s Journal


Flic's Journal

You may call me Flic. My true name was taken from me not long after birth and is of no matter to me. I come from an ancient land that holds great wonders and greater dangers. My mother would tell you I am one of those dangers. She has always hated my ability to wield magic. Father says it is not natural to do such things without training. What do they know? Simple fools.

I have set out on my own to learn to perfect my skills and develop new powers. I will return home one day, not as their stupid son who sets the house on fire once a week, oh no, I will return with such power as to rule my homeland. So far my travels have went well, I even found a place that does not seem to mind my Drow heritage. I feel one day it will become a great hindrance though. Something inside me has always said that I will one day come face to face with my true father’s people. And when that day comes, they will learn to fear me.

I have spent some time in this town, Waterdeep. Recently I found a treasure hunt, I feel I will have to join a party of people I do not know, but they will come to know me. I also feel that I and my trusted friend Owl will find a great deal more danger in this hunt than could be expected. Time will tell.

Posted by Jim at 23:39 | Flic’s Journal