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May 11, 2006

Eleioni's Bio

Eleioni's Journal XPCs

Let me start by saying I believe most people in the world are generally good people just trying to live their lives the best they can. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that some are as evil as the demons of the nine hells, but they don’t make up the majority of people.

You see I’ve lived most of my life in Westgate. My parents were on there way home when I was born, almost three weeks early. My mother was unable to travel, so they decided to set up shop right there. My father is a weapon and armor smith, and an extremely good fighter. My mother is no stranger to fighting either— fast, agile, and graceful— she proves that sometime a maneuver can be more damaging then pure strength. Their plan was to go back to his home town and settle down, open a shop, and have a small family. With this turn of events they decided to temporarily start their shop here and when I was old enough to travel they’d move on.

When I turned five, my mother had a second child, my sister. So again we couldn’t travel for a while. After a few more years they decided to just stay where they were. Business was good and the people were generally nice, once you got to know them. We all helped in the shop. My sister and I would clean up the store and help organize things. Once we were old enough we were taught to sharpen and polish the weapons and armor that was sold to us. Mother did most of the selling and dealing with the customers. When I was ten, my father gave me my first dagger, and taught me how to use it. I soon learned how to fight with both hands nether one being better then the other. I still have it; I keep in strapped to my right wrist in a special sheath. Life wasn’t all work, often I would train with either my father or mother. I learned to fight and use armor as well as how to run a business. It was a good life growing up.

When I turned fifteen the strangest weapons I have ever seen were sold to us. Mercurial Long swords, they were sold as a set. I was told that if I could learn to use them I could have them. So I practiced everyday, it took me almost six months to be able to wield just one. It was another year before I could use both at one without being more damaging to myself then to my enemies.

When I turned twenty I decided to do a little adventuring myself. With my parents blessing I was off to find my own way in life. I’ve been home twice now and things are going well for them. My sister left to do her own thing shortly after I did and I haven’t seen her since. I hope to bump into her one of these days, but for now I just have to trust that she’s doing well.

Eleioni, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Eleioni Di Giorno [Aasimar Fighter]

Cause of death: killed by Sanura’s doppelganger while remaining party watched.

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Sanura's Bio

Sanura's Journal XPCs

Sanura, a (mostly) human of Mulan descent, is a priestess of Bast from Mulhorand. She has the typical black hair and sallow skin of Mulan, with feline-like pupils (and mannerisms) passed through the generations of her family from Bast. Not unlike her deity, she has been stricken with wanderlust and is traveling through the Realms as a cleric of Sharess, and is amazed at the sights available among the humanoids that live outside of paradise. Most recently, she found herself drawn to the city of Waterdeep, which is reported to be nearly as beautiful as her home in Skuld.

During her travels, she has actually made an effort to treat non-Mulan humans with more respect than would be due them if they were in Mulhorand, but she is still struggling with the sheer number of peons (indeed, it is difficult to differentiate them from the nobility) and non-humans that throng Waterdeep. She has entered a contest in which she is teamed up with others to find an item in Undermountain; she is hoping to learn more from relying on a small group of unrelated peoples than she’s managed in the town above. She does miss the group of cats that had been following her around the city prior to the contest.

Sanura, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Sanura Sehet-ib-Bast [Priestess/Cleric of Bast/Sharess]
Monster sheet: Sanura Sehet-ib-Bast [Doppelganger/Cleric of Sharess]

Cause of death: originally replaced by a doppelganger (no one noticed), the doppelganger was killed by Kor’tac after it killed the rest of the party. Status of “real” Sanura is unknown.

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Certain Death

Sanura's Journal

Murtul 1, 1374, Undermountain

Since I had not arrived at the Yawning Portal with a pre-registered group to join the “treasure hunt” contest, I was partnered up with a rather diverse group: Kanelyth, a being with a hawkish appearance and big, beautifully feathered wings (she could be a priestess of Horus-Re, in look if not demeanor), Eleioni Di Giorno, an aasimar that was born outside of Mulhorand (I did not know the gods took mates from non-Mulan humans), Shoshiro Tanaka, a soft-spoken Shou (of any non-Mulan humans, the most likely to gain my respect), and a half-drow named Flic. Normally I would not waste my time with an elf, and especially not a drow elf, but he is a magic user so I will give him the benefit of the doubt as to his worth. If we win, not only will we have to split the 10,000 gold piece prize, but we’ll secure work as an established adventuring group.

Having signed up, we were told to retrieve a 1’ tall wooden idol of Mystra from the dungeon below, and we descended as a group 140’ below the building. Though several groups had gone ahead of us, no one else was in sight. The first chamber had a sandy floor so I grabbed a handful for good luck. We were soon exploring in no particular pattern, coming to a room of stone pillars, a metal disc gleaming on the floor in the center. Attempting to carry a magical torch into the room proved impossible; I attempted to detect magic only to learn that whatever prevented the light spell also prevented a detection spell from working. Shoshiro was examining a strange skull on the end of an ever stranger skeleton that was wrapped around one pillar. There was also some writing on one wall that translated from Old Thorass to “Certain Death” with an arrow pointing towards a tunnel where said Death must be waiting. A few of us went into the center of the room to stare at what turned out to be a just a coin, and a rat darted out of the room— Flic sicced his owl familiar on it.

That turned out to be somewhat costly attack when the snow white bird was spotted by a group of goblins, who in turn discovered us. While the males in the party chose to fight the dozen little creatures, Kanelyth and I decided to throw the coin out of the room, hoping it was the source of magic-dampening (which prevented Flic and me from casting spells against our attackers), but it didn’t appear to help. Stranger still, a small beholder came into the room just long enough to watch the skirmish, departing when the final goblin decided to tuck tail and run.

I healed people up as best as I could, and we followed a trail of blood left by the retreating goblin. Shoshiro found a secret door, thanks to the goblin’s trail, while Flic’s owl found a gelatinous cube heading in our general direction— we decided to follow the goblin. We found the goblin, dead from its wounds, a little way past the secret door. I had opted to attempt to detect magic as my companions explored. Shoshiro found a strange hole in a bench at the back of a tunnel— I could see a disc-shaped area of magic in the bottom, but wasn’t entirely sure why it was there. I tried to “dip” my staff into it, as I had a suspicion of what it was for. I was right, but the magical circle sucked the staff right out of my hands; I do not think I’d want to visit wherever that staff ended up.

Moments later, as we were exploring a bit further along, I heard Eleioni say “hello” and a started cry as he was attacked by something from the dark! The something turned out to be a manticore— and the ugly creature was obviously hungry for humanoids. It attacked ruthlessly, nearly killing Flic and his owl, and seriously wounding the rest of us. Shoshiro managed to sneak behind it and stab it between the shoulders— I think that was the killing stroke. I healed everyone up as best as I could while the Shou suggested checking the manticore’s lair. That paid off as we found two vials containing cure potions and 200 gold pieces. Eleioni took a potion immediately.

We are probably only an hour into the contest and resting already, but at least we won’t be coming out empty handed.

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