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Welcome to my nightmare...

Flin’s Journal

Now I find myself in chains about to face execution and trying to put together the pieces of what happened. Now let me see… I remember coming through the portal after the wizard. Once I realized I was through, I tried to gather my senses just to find I could not put my feet down, nor could I even figure what side was up. I thought I saw a ship leaving in the distance; this only convinced me I was under water. I tried to swim, just to realize that my desperate movements where getting me nowhere, and that I was not drowning.

I tried to figure things out, this was all a bit much for me, then the body floated by. It appeared to be some large form of Orc, and it looked quite dead. I was lucky enough to grab hold of it, and I found myself being pulled along with it. I thought this good, until I saw the small creatures, half the size of Totem. I was trying to push them away from me when one of them spoke. It begged me not to kill it, and stated that they found the rock fair and square, and had full rights to build upon it. I asked the little fellow his name and where in the nine hells I was. He explained his name was Bob, and he was their leader.

I greeted Bob with the best bow I could create in this environment. In response the entire lot of them responded hello. Bob then explained that they are all named Bob. He then brought forth a few dozen and introduced them to me. And informed me that they are building the city of Bob. I watched them closely for a while and discovered that they could all talk to each other by name, (Bob) and they all knew who was talking to who.

I was very impressed until I heard a voice say “Help they are trying to kill me!” The Orc’s voice was weak and I still could see no life in his eyes, but there is no doubt it was from him. The Bobs just kept building. I pushed myself away from the rock-Orc-Bob, and floated in another direction.

In my endless floating I witnessed a ship that seemed to be on fire, as did its crew, yet they seemed not to be effected by it. I witnessed dozens and dozens of other strange sites, and the Bob’s again. And again the Orc cried for help. It was then that I realized that this was all a dream. So rather then stress out, I decided to enjoy the ride.

At one point a ship came near me and I yelled out hello to them. They took me aboard and asked where I was going. I let them know I was after a powerful wizard that killed my friends, and that the Bobs really made me laugh. After some strange looks I was welcomed aboard.

I do not know how long I was with them, but I did discover that I did not need to walk on the ship, I could fly. And not just that, my dream gave me the power to move objects with my mind. This was fun. Then someone shot me and I got put in chains. I didn’t mind, it was a dream.

Then I was informed that because someone attacked me, I was going to be put to death. Since I could still fly, while chained up, I realized it was still a dream. So I continued to have fun within the dream. Eventually I was taken from the ship and went to court. This was great fun. When I was informed that I could make a statement in my defense, I let them know that I had fun, and when I wake up in the tall grass of near my home, they won’t exist anymore.

As the people of the court continued to talk in a language I didn’t understand, I did hear something I could understand. A voice whispered in my ear. The voice said that a small black rock had been placed in my backpack, and that I should never loose it. I was also given a name, Tillian Greenmeadow. This is the name of a Halfling in Waterdeep that I need to report to. I told the voice that he was not real. It was then that a sharp pain in the palm of my hand startled me. I was bleeding, I could feel the blood.

Then the guards picked me up and my fellow prisoner and they began taking us away. I asked where we where going, one of the guards that I had named Bob, informed me that I was being taken to my execution. The voice was by my side again, and it informed me that death will not be an excuse, and it laughed.

Posted by Jim on October 3, 2006, 09:08 | Flin’s Journal