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Soveliss’s Bio

Soveliss’s Journal ~PC Bios~


As I piece together the egg that will bring about my rebirth I meditate on my life, a life that will soon be over with the birth of another.

I was born Soveliss Siannodel, an elf, to a merchant family. We sold many valuable things: jewelry, clothing, even some types of rare and expensive armor. Sometimes my father would go on trips to uncover a hidden stash of treasure. When I was around my 98th year, I went on my first trip with him. It was great and I learned a lot from one of the other elves that came with us. Himo Liadon was rather skilled at getting us past different traps and unlocking doors. I was so impressed I decided I wanted to learn how he did it. With my father’s blessing I studied under him for several years.

It was during this time I meet Anastrinna Xiloscient. She was the most beautiful elven woman I have ever and probably will ever meet. We spent a lot of time together, I got to know her family and she became familiar with mine. I’d have done anything for her.

I was 125 when I decided I would get her parents’ blessing to ask for her hand in marriage, but first I had to establish myself, so I went on an expedition to explore some ruins. It took almost two months to get there. It was a successful trip and I knew I was ready to go ahead with my plans, but when I got home I discovered Anastrinna had gone off on her own adventure and hadn’t returned. Three months went by before we got any word at all. One of the group she went out with had returned half dead, dehydrated and starved. The clerics helped him and we heard a chilling tale.

Not two weeks out they were attacked by some dragon-like creatures. They seemed to be a mixture if dragons and wolves. The group was scattered. He claimed to have been wandering aimlessly for the past several months. Three others and I went on what we called a rescue mission to find the remains of the party, but we all knew that they were probably already dead.

After a month of searching we found the den of these beasts, It was extremely difficult, but we were able to defeat the abominations. We found the remains of several humanoid bones, and enough gear to determine that these were the missing party. There was a funeral, and after everyone else went home I sat alone at her grave, wishing I had the strength to change what had happened, wishing I could destroy all these vile abominations. As the sun rose over the trees, I heard a voice in my head, “It was the spawn of Tiamat.”

“Who’s there?” I answered aloud, thinking someone had come to check up on me.

“There are more of her spawn in this world and others.” The voice replied. Looking around I couldn’t see anyone, and it didn’t so much as speak but place these thought into my head.

“How do you know this.” I said aloud again, part of me thinking I was going insane.

“I am Bahamut, if you will join my cause and be reborn as my child, I will give you the strength to fight her spawn.”

Looking at the grave and feeling rage at what had happened I asked, “What do I have to do?”

I was given a list of instructions, and was told I could have a week to decide, it wasn’t to be taken lightly. Leaving behind your family, friends, and all you worked for to become the child of a god for the purpose of destroying the evil spawn Tiamat creates. I took most of the week to think about it, I then sold everything I didn’t need, gathered the ingredients for the rebirth and headed out to a quiet and serene place.

As I place the last piece of the shell together from the inside, I can feel the changes start to take place. My old self is slowly fading away, My hair has completely fallen out. In the utter darkness I can begin to see. I’ve never been able to see in complete dark before. I feel Bahamut close to me and I embrace him and his family.

“Please give me guidance as I embrace my new life.” I say as I hatch from my shell and am reborn. I can see the sun rising on a new day. Fitting for a rebirth, I think as I clean myself and don my armor.

“I an now Soveliss Tibur Vaecaesin, for I was born an elf and am now reborn a child of Bahamut.”

I go north. Not fully knowing why, but it seems to be the direction I should go. So I gather my things, and start walking.

Soveliss, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Soveliss Tibur Vaecaesin [Dragonborn Rogue]

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