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This is Why I Hate Dogs

Rowind’s Journal

Well we finally started up the stairs of this old house and I have one thing on my mind, “is it time to go home yet!!!” On the second floor of this hour of fun, this is incidentally the third story of the building. Not that, that was too important other than the fact that if we planned this a little better and thought about it we would have known that two of the three doors would have contained a fire elemental, but I digress. The orc and I opened the single door on the one side and began to investigate it. It turns out that the room was an old kitchen and contains what looked like imps that were shooting ice at us. As we began to fight them off everyone else from our party barreled into the room, it seems that in their infinite wisdom they had released the fire elemental from its room. So we found ourselves flanked on both sides, being attacked by ice monsters on one side and fire on the other, ironic huh. So I cast and illusion of an ice wall to keep the elemental at bay, whilst the remainder of the party dealt with the imps. After what seemed like an eternity they completed the task and we were safe. One problem remained, where’s the wolf. Apparently it was sitting outside enjoying itself. My plan was to let the thing fend for itself, but that wasn’t good enough, the selective druid had to go get his master. So it was up to Roywyn and me to keep the fire elemental at bay, while the idiot went to retrieve it. Once that was accomplished we were free to head up to the next room. Unfortunately my gamble that the fire elemental wouldn’t follow didn’t work out so well and we were forced to fight it. After a while we managed to defeat it and are safe to rest awhile before continuing. As I sit here starring at Roywyn as she sleeps, I again think of one thing, “is it time to go home yet!!! No it’s not what she wants, so it’s not what I want.”

Posted by Bryon on September 21, 2006, 13:40 | Rowind’s Journal