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Seren’s Bio

Seren’s Journal ~PC Bios~

What - never heard of a gloaming? Or just never met one? Yours truly is from well beneath Waterdeep, raised by one parent or the other, sometimes both - as each felt like it. I learned plenty on my own, too, and liked it that way.

Yes, I suppose I do look like a moth and glow like a firefly, but if you keep laughing you’ll get a surprise - I sting like a wasp as well. Hah - felt that arrow, did you?

I’ll be kind, however, and let you off with just a sting. I’m nice like that - Shaundakul would rather his clerics stay on the good side of life’s ledger. He asks so little of us, it’s a joy to worship him!

Well, my parents decided that I was ready to be on my own - or maybe I kind of decided it myself, when mother dropped me off at the usual meeting spot, and I didn’t wait for father to appear.

It was while I was working my way up to the surface on my own for the first time that I met the man who told me of Shaundakul. Now, I’ve picked myself a name with which to wander for a while, and see what there is to be seen.

Shaundakul makes it easy to wander - his holy day’s gift to his clerics being a full day of floating, ethereal, wherever the wind may take us. My trip landed me in Triboar, many miles to the northeast...

Seren, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Seren Udayudrim [Gloaming Ranger/Cleric]

Posted by Kate on July 25, 2006, 09:33 | Seren’s Journal | ~PC Bios~