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Sayonara, Sanura

Sanura’s Journal

Murtul 20, 1374, Great Wyrm Tribe

We had a rough couple of days, I did not think Iíd be able to keep this group alive until we reached our destination. Firstly, we were attacked by a small white dragon the morning after we left Longsaddle. I had to heal my horse to keep it from dying underneath me from a ray of frostó we did lose the orcís horse, and almost the ninja and aasimar as well. A few spells from the Rod of Wonder convinced it to settle for eating the one horse.

The second day, we were attacked by nine orcs, the “Bloody Tongue Tribe,” that wanted us to pay 100 gold each to pass. I took one group out with a lightning bolt, and most of the rest with a fireball from the Rod of Wonder. Unfortunately, our orc suffered severe injuries from the blast (which I healed up) and the ninja was beyond help. Strangely, the hawk woman smeared the ash from his scorched remains into her feathers, and put on his mask.

Yesterday, we made it to meet the barbarians Quentin sought. I stayed with the other three till he came back, then shared a tent with him. If all goes well, heíll have the artifact he seeks and we can leave at dawn, if not, Iíll be left behind to ďtake careĒ of the little band of bodyguards he hired. Though they all fancy themselves fighters, Iíve had enough time to watch the raptoran and the aasimar to know their weaknesses....

Posted by Kristin on July 20, 2006, 14:39 | Sanura’s Journal