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Quest for Honor

Shoshiro’s Journal

I have left my region of Shou, because I have no honor. I have failed my lord and will not return until I have regained it or will return via the spirit world. I have joined this group to fight the evil, which dwells beneath Waterdeep. I will protect the group I have joined to the best of my ability and will present my share when we complete this task to my noble lord. I have begun my journey today and my group is a rather interesting mix of beings.

The warrior seems honorable and will fight in any situation, even if it means certain death. I have witnessed him fight outnumbered, to protect the sorcerer from a horde of evil goblins. He was the first to attack the great demon, which attacked us later.

He has made a powerful ally.

The sorcerer seems to have knowledge of arts that were and are a great value to us. His power can be used to achieve much, but for good or evil. This I am not sure. I feel as if he is only here for the money.

That brings me to the bird and the cat. I have little interest in either of them. The cat seems to have come from a world that has no honor and she carries herself accordingly. Her ability to heal people however has great value and she needs to be protected. I have never seen a creature quite like the bird. She is a warrior and yet carries no sword. I too will use my bow whenever I can, but I am no warrior and make no illusions about being one.

I am worried about our current position. I have no idea were in this labyrinth we are and fear that no one else does as well. I am not sure if we are making any progress either. No matter if we succeed, then we succeed. Otherwise I will kill as many demons as possible and die with some of my honor being restored to me.

Posted by Bryon on May 12, 2006, 16:36 | Shoshiro’s Journal