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Passing Through

Eleioni’s Journal

I was just passing through Waterdeep when I heard of this contest. I found it interesting: go into Undermountain and retrieve a 1’ tall wooden statue of Mystra. Now I wasn’t part of an adventuring group, but I really had nowhere to be so I decided to see if I could find one to join. As luck would have it was able to group up with a few others who also seam to be traveling alone for the most part. It didn’t take much talk to convince them that we could get the prize, and a steady source of income would be nice also.

So we descend into Undermountain and I ask if anyone is good at finding traps. Shoshiro said he could and so he lead the way with us trailing a short distance behind. It didn’t take long before we realized he needed a light source, and being as I can see well enough with no light at all, I didn’t think to grab a lantern. He was handed an everburning torch and again took the lead.

We then came to a room that had a gold coin in the center of it. I thought it was a trap, but when the magic torch entered the room it went out. Apparently it was a magic dead area, so we waited there with the torch while Shoshiro went to examine it. I admit I soon lost interest until someone mentioned there was writing on the far wall. I then walked across the room into another hall and stood there with the torch so it could be read. I got bored again as people tried to determine if there was a trap, and what it was. The next thing I know Flic, a drow spell caster, said we had some company coming form one of the halls. It turned out to be some goblins.

It turns out that Kanelyth is damn good with a bow. Unfortunately I couldn’t hit anything for a while there. I guess I was having an off day. Flic and I were surrounded at one point, but we survived. Mainly because this strange creature entered the room and the goblins fled in fear from it. It then left. Sanura was able to heal Flic back to consciousness, and we continued on. It turns out that Sanura is a follower of Sharess otherwise known as Bast apparently. I can’t say I’m familiar with that deity, but she seems decent enough. Honestly I do believe everyone here will make a good team as soon as we learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

We traveled for a while longer following the trail of an injured goblin till we came across his corpse. We then decided to keep going in the direction he seemed to be heading, figuring he was trying to get somewhere. After a while of walking we came to a large room. I saw an odd shaped head peek around the corned. It looked right at me.

“Hello.” I said both to warn the others that we’d been spotted, and hopefully to show we meant it no harm.

“Dinner.” It replied as it came at me.

The next thing I know Sanura was looking down at me and my swords were under that beast. I got up grabbed my bow and started to shoot at it. Eventually it fell and I was able to retrieve my weapons. After searching its lair we found some healing potions, which I took because I still needed a lot of healing. Now, an hour or so into our expedition, we need to rest for a while. Ah well, I’m having fun.

Posted by Fred on May 12, 2006, 08:20 | Eleioni’s Journal