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Sanura’s Bio

Sanura’s Journal XPCs

Sanura, a (mostly) human of Mulan descent, is a priestess of Bast from Mulhorand. She has the typical black hair and sallow skin of Mulan, with feline-like pupils (and mannerisms) passed through the generations of her family from Bast. Not unlike her deity, she has been stricken with wanderlust and is traveling through the Realms as a cleric of Sharess, and is amazed at the sights available among the humanoids that live outside of paradise. Most recently, she found herself drawn to the city of Waterdeep, which is reported to be nearly as beautiful as her home in Skuld.

During her travels, she has actually made an effort to treat non-Mulan humans with more respect than would be due them if they were in Mulhorand, but she is still struggling with the sheer number of peons (indeed, it is difficult to differentiate them from the nobility) and non-humans that throng Waterdeep. She has entered a contest in which she is teamed up with others to find an item in Undermountain; she is hoping to learn more from relying on a small group of unrelated peoples than she’s managed in the town above. She does miss the group of cats that had been following her around the city prior to the contest.

Sanura, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Sanura Sehet-ib-Bast [Priestess/Cleric of Bast/Sharess]
Monster sheet: Sanura Sehet-ib-Bast [Doppelganger/Cleric of Sharess]

Cause of death: originally replaced by a doppelganger (no one noticed), the doppelganger was killed by Kor’tac after it killed the rest of the party. Status of “real” Sanura is unknown.

Posted by Kristin on May 11, 2006, 14:08 | Sanura’s Journal | XPCs