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February 18, 2007

I Help

Defender's Journal

Ambush didn’t work, I fight as many as I could before everything went dark. When I came to we were in the forest again. I watch while others sleep, then we head back to cave. Set another ambush, but no one come, so wolf lady go look for back entrance. She find one and I go for walk under water. Tell them it a short swim to other side, no guards watching. Human not want to go in this way so he go with wolf around to front. I lead elf and wolf lady in back entrance. We fine stolen items, and a locked door, suddenly alarm goes off. I run to help human, and start killing bandits. When fighting over wolf lady goes back to town to get help and in morning we load wagons and head back to Mossmantle. Help raise barn and build home for farmer. Then flying ship goes over head. They’re not supposed to be out this far. Suddenly it starts to fall from sky, people will get hurt, I go help.

Posted by Fred at 11:48 | Defender’s Journal