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February 11, 2007

Why did that dumb hunk of iron just WAVE at the bad guys?!?!?

Tomas' Journal

Well, I wanted to leave, but everyone else insisted we stay.

It was almost the death of us, but we did manage to find the bandits along with a bunch of captured farmers. Despite our weakened state, we decided we had to try rescuing the prisoners.

I came up with an ingenious plan to take on the overwhelming numbers of bandits with our small group, but it was foiled by the warforged’s refusal to hide! (apparently, he thought “waving” at the enemy was a suitable alternative!)

At least we managed to escape with *our* lives! (dragging the Incredible De-Activated Defender behind us!) I hope those big scratches on his face from being drug across the stone floor of the cave will remind him.... listen to the rogue!!!

Once we got out into the woods, we hid in a clearing while I beat the crap out of Defender with his Hammer and other “repair” tools. Good stress relief! (It also seems to have knocked him back into some kind of fighting shape... Bonus!)

So, now it looks like we have to go back in the caves and deal with these bandits before they kill any more innocents.

Time for another plan!

Posted by Dave at 15:19 | Tomas’ Journal