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January 28, 2007

Stop throwing fire at me, you Crazy Elf!!!

Tomas' Journal

Nymm 2 —

When they told me I had to “volunteer” to find out what happened to the caravan, I kind of figured I could just go along for the ride... but it wasn’t that simple.

Defender seems to be concerned with protecting the rest of us, but I fear his thoughts are not very deep. Alayi and Fang I know from town. They usually hang around in the outskirts. She seems awfully wiling to run off and get into trouble, though. The other member of our group is an elf ‘Alunys’... she says she is a paladin and keeps talking about some silver flame. I found out more about this “flame” obsession of hers!

So far, we have only made it a few hours out of town. No sign of the caravans we were assigned to protect, but we have embarked on the trail of some presumed arsonists. Maybe they are related?

In any case, the other members of the group blundered into a trap, and were stuck fighting a Displacer Beast while I frantically tried to get in to save them! Finally getting through the locked trap, I saw that Defender was in dire condition! I immediately drew my sword and ran in to help! The elf yelled something about “get back”, but somebody had to get in there in help! I tumbled past the beast and started swinging!

Unfortunately, “get back” apparently meant “I’m going to start throwing fire!” Wish someone had mentioned this before! Anyway, crazy elves aside, me and Alayi managed to finish off what Defender had started, and after some heated words, the group of us even found some loot.

I’m all for heading back outside and looking for the caravan, but the rest of them seem to want to continue on.... I’m not sure any of them have any real sense.

— Tomas

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