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Alunys’ Bio

Alunys’ Journal ~PC Bios~

Alunys Glimmergaunt is a Khorvaire elf of some 130 years. As a newborn, she was found inside the Grand Cathedral in Thrane (in a small basket near the back of the narthex); no one had been seen leaving her there, and she could not have been more than a few hours old. Stranger still, the infant had no pigmentation to her hair, skin or eyes. Thankfully this was not regarded as some ill omen, and she was taken in by the clergy. It is even rumored that the Flame itself named her, but no one alive now can verify that.

Knowing no other life, Alunys was always fascinated by all the goings-on of the Cathedral, and when she was old enough, decided she would become a Templar Knight. The appearance of an ugly, red aberrant dragonmark in her early adulthood may have been considered another ill omen by some, but strangely, the mark allows her to produce a silver flame in the palm of her hand, and so is considered a blessing.

At 130 years old, she finally has achieved her dream of becoming a Templar Knight and left Flamekeep to travel, to combat evil wherever it may manifest. She finds herself traveling west to the Eldeen Reaches after hearing a voice, the Voice, whisper, “Evil falls from the stars at the mantle of moss.”

Alunys, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Alunys Glimmergaunt [Elven Paladin of the Silver Flame (Aberrant Dragonmark of Produce Flame)]

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