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June 8, 2005

It Doesn't Take a Genius

Ebin's Journal

Well, the 3 militia members and I walked for a couple of days heading due north, when I came across this guy sitting on a log. No armor, no obvious weapons, and a rat sitting on his shoulder. Well, it doesnít take a genius to know a spellcaster when you see one. He introduced me to his friends and we began to talk. Noticing the holy symbols to good deities on a male elf and a female cleric, I began to relax until this female elf started calling me a “Zhent.” Whatever that is, and she kept insisting on looking through my things. At some point during the discussion, I noticed that my 3 friends and the spellcaster had left. That’s about the same time the male elf, Areon I think his name is, yelled something and was off. Following I saw the sorcerer and my 3 friends on the roof of this building. We all ran over only to find out that there wasn’t an emergency yet. After trying a couple of ideas we were levitated and pulled across this river to the roof of another building. I was never so scared in all my life. I got my composure just in time for the sorcerer, Tyan I think it is, to hit the roof of this building with several spells making a lot of noise. Thatís when the cavalry came from the first building and started running across the bridge towards us. I shot a few arrows at them, then grabbed my shield and sword and started attacking the creatures that climbed up the wall to get us. One minute everything was great then I miscalculated and was hit by several opponents at once. When I came to they were fighting a hill giant and doing fine, so I downed a few of my potions and I’m ready for more.

Posted by Fred at 16:04 | Ebin’s Journal