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January 5, 2005

Discovery and Recovery

Theona's Journal

Eleasis 2, 1373 DR, Silverymoon

I had such a surprising evening that I must confess I was totally useless the next day— I just couldn’t keep my mind focused on anything! Areon and I did remember to go to the Bright Blade and explain about the silver tiger to our friends. When we arrived, Beowulf introduced us to Tyan, a human sorcerer newly arrived in Silverymoon looking for work, and his very, very rude rat familiar Glitch. I tried to ignore the gestures the rat was making and focus on the conversation, but between my lack of meditation and that rodent (what was he pointing at?), I just let the conversation drift where it would.

We eventually decided we had several options on how to proceed with the tiger, and of course, we were still trying to help Deitricha decide what to do about the note from Tassar. Rosorc, we believe, was off talking to some dwarves that could take the news of Barannsar to the local Citadels— too bad he didn’t get the news about the Red Wizard to add to it!

So, we had to choose:

Go to the Dark Alley and see what we could find of Tassar.
Go talk to the City Guard (in particular, Deitricha’s brother) to find out what they know of Tassar.
Go to auction house (in hindsight, this would have probably been useful if we’d done it when it was closed) and look for records relating to buying/sale of tiger.
Go to Library (Deitricha’s mother is a librarian) and research any relationships between any/all of the above (what do the Red Wizards, Barannsar and the auction house have in common with the silver tiger, if anything?), and possibly on Uthgardt mating rituals.

We went to the library.

The Vault of the Sages was in the shape of a horseshoe and had five floors. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go through them— the librarians bring books and scrolls to the visitors (for a fee). I wouldn’t think that a druid would have much use for books, but Beowulf seemed to be having a grand time with researching. I found nothing about the Uthgardt that I was trying to look for, though Tyan kindly informed me that much had been written about that subject and elves (like I needed help with that). I see his rat familiar wears a little cape— it just makes what Glitch is doing seem all the more rude.

Deitricha spent a lot of time off talking to her mother, and then was planning to go looking for her brother. Areon seemed lost in thought, and Beowulf just kept sharing more and more info on the Anauroch desert and some long-dead archwizard who had trapped extraplanar creatures in staffs and other artifacts. Now that did sound interesting, and could possibly be what the Red Wizard and his sidekick were looking for, but did not help with the silver tiger at all, and I’d given Areon my word that I’d help with that first and foremost. Someone (was it the rat?) suggested that we have the fake statue scried upon so that we could discover the whereabouts of the real one. That sounded fine to me, so much so, that I completely forgot about going back to the auction house after dark to do my own research.

Another night passed, just as surprising as the last, though I got in some meditation as well.

In the morning we went to the Lady’s College and talked to a mage called Toombs, who (for a fee) studied the silver tiger and informed us that the one we seek is in a caravan heading southwest of Silverymoon, already 200 miles from us. Now we have to decide whether to pay to be teleported there, go to the auction house to look for the bill of sale tonight, or travel by some other method and risk losing the trail entirely.

Posted by Kristin at 20:03 | Theona’s Journal

My Journey Continues

Tyan's Journal

I have found Silverymoon to be both as beautiful and strange as I had been told. The mixture of races here amazes to me. The first hours in town were spent searching bulletin boards and bars for a way to make some quick money. Then Glitch convinced me that it was time to trust someone a little and join a party for a while.

As usual, Glitch got me in trouble. Oh, I found a group that seems perfect, but joining them may get me killed. This new group has some strength, but lacks direction. Glitch could probably lead them better than they lead themselves. Now Glitch also thinks this is a great chance to make some money and he doesn’t think they will notice me guiding them towards my goals.

The first day after meeting them we all went to a library to help the ranger figure out where to find a statue. After talking to a sage, and for some reason I have agreed to help them chase this item. To the point of telling them we can get there quicker if we teleport. Oh and the place they want to go is very near they last place I want to be. Glitch has been telling me I am an idiot for about two hours. Maybe backing the play of the quiet ranger will help me down the road.

Why I agreed to go so close to Luskan, so close to the power of the judges, and the families who blame my friends and me for the death of Lord Geltron. Not that he was a powerful or well-loved man, just a pawn in a larger game. A pawn used to eliminate another pawn, my party. I don’t know who is behind it, or why. But when I find that halfling, I will get some answers.

Posted by Jim at 21:22 | Tyan’s Journal