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July 17, 2004

Shackled in Darkness

Beowulf's Journal

I could hear Shadow restless a few feet away. My first thought was to wild shape into a snake or something and slip out of my bonds, but I soon realized that was impossible till the next day. Not knowing what else to do I decided to get some rest. Before I could I noticed a light coming up what appeared to be a corridor. Soon the Illithid showed with its two bugbear bodyguards and, much to my surprise, the little halfling I meet the other night, Tassar, I believe his name is. The halfling handed the Illithid a bag that rang with coins, said it had done a good job and then turned to leave. Once again bathed in darkness and unable to do anything till the next day I decided to get some rest. Just before nodding off Theona opened my cell door. She came over and worked on my bonds. I’ll never know how she was able to unlock the manacles in utter darkness, but Iím overjoyed that she was not only able too free me but also Shadow and the rest of my new companions. It was mentioned that we could use the manacles as makeshift flails and thus we had weapons. Venturing forth I stayed in the back with one hand on the wall and the other on Shadow. I heard a click and then a door opened and we suddenly I could see. Light burst forth from Deitrichaís holy symbol as Rosorc started fighting what I believe was a hobgoblin. He and Areon dropped two and as the third ran I yelled for Shadow to kill it. I believe he did but at a price, for I heard a yelp. Seconds later he returned to me needing healing. We had apparently moved forward into a room. With Shadow having returned, Rosorc and Areon shut one door and held it shut. I could hear a lot of crashing and banging on the other side, and am sure I didn’t want to fight in our current condition. Theona found a way out and we all quickly followed. We walked for what seamed like forever down a small passageway. Finally we came to an opening. Looking around we could see the original cave entrance about a quarter mile away. There was some debate about going back and getting our belongings. My only suggestion was that we rest first. Walking through these woods was going to be difficult enough with all the equipment, but no armor, no real weapons, and no supplies, I said we should rest then go back, and that we did.

When we woke I mentioned about turning into a bat again and told them I would look give them an ďall clearĒ sign then go down to the next level. I would repeat as necessary to inform them of danger. Everything was clear, but I decided to stay a bat for a bit just in case because we still didn’t know how to get from the lower level of the cave to the Illithidís lair. Theona found a secret door in the room we first encountered the Illithid and I was off again to scout, but it was a short trip as I found the giant things Rosorc and Areon were holding at bay with a closed door. I flew up fast landed a safe distance, reformed into my human self and said, “It’s large, it’s ugly, and it’s coming.” With that everyone got ready for battle. The first fell as soon as it came through the door. The second, only moments later. I told Shadow to guard Areon as we walked down a flight of stairs. We came to a room that had two doors. One was smashed so we knew it went to our back exit. The other was closed. Rosorc went in first and was immediately attacked by the bugbears. I followed to help. Moments later the Illithid appeared. I called for Shadow to attack as I felt it try to control my mind. Thank Mielikki I was bale to shake it off. Soon both bugbears were disposed of and the Illithid vanished. Realizing the battle was over we searched the room. Unable to find our belongings, Theona went into this mad search that paid off. She found a secret door. We all stood around waiting foir it to be opened— bad decision. Apparently a trap went off and everyone, except Deitricha, was transported to a stone room.

Now at this point I must stress that some times even the best decision you could make in a given situation will lead to undesirable consequences. Deitricha found that out firsthand when she smashed a gem that released us from our prison, killing Nianque, Areonís companion. Areon was obviously upset. I can relate; it would be very difficult for me if I lost Shadow. We held a small ceremony for her many many yards from the cave, I dropped a seed in with the fallen comrade along with a prayer for safe resting. Areon will be ok in time I believe and I hope Deitricha is wise enough to forgive herself. She did do the best thing she could at the time.

Gathering our respective belongings and the treasure acquired from the Illithidís lair, we headed off for their home. Something still doesn’t seem right, and I wonder if this is something I need to inform the elders of. I’ll have to ask more about this Tassar first then make a decision. Tomorrow maybe I take to the air and scout ahead to give Areon rest.

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