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April 17, 2004

Tempus will be pleased…

Tassar's Journal

Our battles in the catacombs were just beginning; shambling zombies and ghouls were around almost every corner. At one point we were fighting at every entrance to the room we were in while Deitricha (finally staying behind me) used her holy symbol to turn them to dust. Although Rosorc and I were making sure each other knew how many we had killed. He had the lead, 3 to 2.

After we cleared that room, the party split into different directions to check out the open caskets and to look for more undead to fight. I went to our left, the direction that two ghouls had come from. I found a small alcove with empty caskets, well except for a few coins and a silver dagger, and then the caskets were empty. I worked my way back to the room to check on the party and it seemed that Deitricha was the only one there. Apparently she decided to stay in a central location so she could run to whichever side she was needed.

With no screams or sounds of battle, I decided to continue to search. A search that didn’t take long to find trouble. I re-entered the hall I was just in and went the other direction, when I was halted by what sounded like voices. Now, curiosity got the better of me. I have never heard undead talk, so I went right into the room to check it out without telling anyone I found voices.

Once in the room that had the voices the source became clear as several creatures flew into view. They looked like human sized heads with fangs, long teeth and long tongues. Where ears would or should be, these creatures had what looked like big bat wings attached. Four of them came out me with shrieks that could curdle ale. I yelled back at them and attacked. As I began cutting them down I heard Areon come to help me. Well, at least he tried for the creatures let out another one of the screeches and it apparently had a bad effect on him. When I had the creatures down to two, I took the chance to peer over my shoulder at him and he was standing still. Some kind of fear must have gotten him.

A moment later Theona came into the room as I cut down the last of the creatures. She had a look of confusion on her face as she looked at Areon. I told her ‘not to worry, he was as useful as normal.’ She said that Rosorc and the others needed help and she would stay with Areon, hmm. Ok, I took off toward the direction of the battle sounds, running full speed until I had to duck to keep from losing my head.

Out from behind a corner came another ghoul and several more shuffling undead. With a smile and a call to Tempus I began cutting into them when Rosorc came into the room to help me. He held up four fingers with a proud grin across his face. I gave him a smirk and said six. He gave a short gruffing noise and all but jumped right into the pile of zombies fighting me. We each got one more before Deitricha came in and turned the rest to dust. Rosorc and I just looked at each other and shrugged. How can we have fun if she keeps taking away our foes?

The party came back together and Deitricha (the destroyer of our toys) healed me some with her powers. It seems her deity requires her to give me a small speech each time she heals me also.

Rosorc was telling me about the creatures of shadow they had fought when he noticed his black rose was glowing. He lead us a short distance, lead by the glow of the rose and we found the portal. As we looked at the shimmering glow of the portal, William (yes Rosorc said how well he fought and now he earned a name) went running past us and leaped into the portal. First we stared at each other, wondering what had overcome him, then we noticed that one of the shadow things was back. Rosorc ordered us all to go through the portal. They all went. I stayed with him and tried to use my torch to distract it. With two quick swings he put the beast down. Then together we went through the portal.

On the other side we found our party in a huge hallway. It was obvious we were in a Dwarven stronghold. But the dust on the floor was thick, showing very few have passed this way in a long time. Areon went one way and I went the other. I found many small rooms with what looked like small stone shrines in them. I called the others down to look and Rosorc was in near tears (at the beauty of it for a Dwarf I guess). He claimed it was just dust in his eyes though.

We rested for a while to let the group get some rest and recoup spells. I found out during this time that Deitricha has great aim. You see, each time I looked at Rosorc and Theona I began to snicker, and Deitricha hit me in the back of the head. And later, when I looked at Theona and Areon and snickered, again she smacked me in the back of the head. It really wasn’t fair; she was snickering here and there too.

Well, the next morning did come and we had some breakfast and began to look for what else this place held. We went through some big doors (really big doors) and found a great hall. It must have been really dusty because Rosorc was wiping his eyes a lot.

We then went into one of the small doorways leading off of the great room. We found a small hallway with more doors to the side. Now I tried to be patient, I really did. I thought Rosorc had the right to look at the stuff first, since we came to believe this is a long lost Dwarven stronghold. But the fellow was just too slow. And there were so many doors. And well, no one was looking so I began to scout ahead. At first I just found small rooms that seemed to be personal quarters, then I opened one door to another hallway. This hallway had torches lit and the guttural sounds of Orcs.

Now I know what Rosorc will do if I tell him first that there are Orcs in the other room of this Dwarven place. And I know if I told Areon about a room full of Orcs he would have the same slobbering drool and slobber hanging form his mouth as Rosorc would as he dove into the room of Orcs with reckless abandon. So, seeing how those two will get here eventually, and I can’t let them get all the fun I tossed my torch back into the hall that the party is in. They will figure it out. Then I pulled my sword and dagger and began running. I figure I can get two maybe three before they realize what is going on. The noise should bring my friends.

I was just reaching full speed when I passed out of the hall and into the room. I now notice there is about 20 Orcs in here, all soon to be dead. I pick two with their backs to me and charge in.


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Escape to Orc Mountain

Areon's Journal

Kythorn 30, 1373, Ancient Dwarven Stronghold

After killing the first four zombies, we moved on into a room lined with stone crypts. Rosorc charged off, hacking into the risen undead bodies. Theona and I tried to use our ranged weapons to take down the zombies, but our arrows and bolts only stuck in them, and did not slow them in the slightest. Deitricha can use divine power very effectively against the undead, fortunately. She cried out to her goddess and the zombies crumbled into dust.

Once the room was cleared, we ended up splitting up and exploring the ruins. I found a sarcophagus with a pile of coins in it. I called Theona over, in hope that I might be ale to talk to her. She came over and began digging through the dust and remains. I know she did not realize that I had intended to talk to her. She stopped and looked at me, obviously confused about why I had called her over.

“Theona,” I said, “I need to tell you about-“

I was cut off by a yelp, and I knew that someone was in trouble. I rushed of telling Theona that we could talk later. I reached Tassar to find him fending off several misshapen heads, which had wings and burning green eyes. I pulled out my sword to strike one, but it let out a gut-wrenching shriek, and I found myself unable to move. Tassar continued to fight the creatures; eventually killing them all before they could harm me in anyway.

Theona soon appeared at my side and directed Tassar to go and help the others fight whatever monsters they were fighting. Tassar ran off, getting the attention of several zombies as he ran. Theona fired off a crossbow bolt and got the attention of the zombie that she hit. It began shambling towards us, and Theona stuck several crossbow bolts into it. She kept herself between the zombie and me, and it was almost on us when I felt strength return to my muscles, and brought my sword around, slicing through the zombie with a satisfying squelch, and dumping it in two pieces on the ground.

Deitricha came into the room and told us that Rosorc had found the portal home. I know that Theona did not want to leave until we had collected any treasure that was in the catacombs. I took her hand and whispered in her ear, “Our friends need us more than any treasure.” She reluctantly gave in and we heading to the portal and stepped through.

We found ourselves standing in a large hall. Dwarven stonework filled the halls and I could see Rosorc reading the walls in awe. Apparently the dwarf misses his home; I am sure I saw him tear up as he read the stories.

Rosorc thought that we were in a lost hall of the dwarves, and as we explored further, we determined that it indeed was. Family banner adorned the walls. Rosorc read stories that he said were merely legend in his home.

We thought that the fortress had fallen to Orcs, as I found some faint tracks of orcish war boots. It worried me that there were orcs in the halls, because if a random orc patrol found us, the whole mountain of orcs would come down on us.

After a while we all tired of exploring the ruins and decided to rest. Rosorc took the first watch and Theona volunteered for the last. I stayed near her while she was meditating, which drew repeated glares from Rosorc, though I have no understanding of why.

I meditated during the second watch, and when I had finished, I quietly walked over to Theona to have the conversation that I had promised her. I quietly crossed to her and sat down. I explained to her that I did not mean to be as callous as I was the night before. I had assumed that Theona would be able to deal with Rosorc better than I would ever be able to. Apparently I was wrong.

Theona accepted my apology, and showed me a scroll that Rosorc had given her. It was a love letter. Then she asked me what I thought she should do. I told her that wearing the mithral chain probably meant something important, and that perhaps she shouldn’t wear it.

She took the chain out of her hair and wrapped it around one of the silver mugs. Then I noticed that the mug did not have her name on it. My name was on the mug!!

Theona just smirked and tucked it back into her pack.

I returned to my gear and found the mug in it. I was sure of the name before I even saw it. Theona Galanodel.

I wonder what that means....

Tassar got up soon after I had put my gear back into my backpack. After a quick breakfast, we headed through the mountain halls. After a few rooms Tassar through open the doors to a room filled with orcs. Tassar charged forward with Rosorc in tow, screaming battle cries through the halls...

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