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April 9, 2004

Excerpts from Areon's Journal

Areon's Journal

Kythorn 21, 1373, Silverymoon

We left from Theona’s house, and returned to the alleyway behind the Bright Blade Brandished. I started looking for signs of which way the guard went, but I am still not good at tracking movements in cities. Fortunately Theona found some blood and drag marks on the ground, and we were off. We managed to make our way through the city, following drag marks, and blood. After several hours, the sun was starting to rise, and we found finally Tassar, hanging upside down in an old abandoned warehouse.

Tassar has really pissed the guards off, though I am unsure why he has. He is drunk and disorderly an awful lot, but he has never (to my knowledge) done anything that would warrant the type of beating they gave him. He was hanging upside down and almost every bit of exposed flesh was either covered in dry blood or turned a blackish-purple color. If I had known the guards were going to do this, I would have stepped in and tried to stop them.

Theona splashed some water on Tassar, and he stirred a little; I was amazed that after all the beating he had taken he could even be alive. Theona tried to give him a healing potion, and though it did make him look a little better, he still looked absolutely horrid. Theona said she thought that we should take him to a temple to be healed, and though I was wary of taking Tassar outside, I had to agree that clerical care would be much better for him, than us trying to give him healing potions. I said that we should not take him to Tymora’s temple, as surely Deitricha would find out what happened. Theona suggested taking him to the Temple of Silver Stars. She had done some sort of job for them once before, and thought they may be nice enough to help for the little bit of gold we had between us.

Theona took Tassar out and I followed at a distance, hoping that no one would take to much notice to the injured Halfling. We made our way across town with little more than stares of wonderment, and the Clerics were most helpful. They healed Tassar for the small donation that Theona and I were able to give, and after he was healed Tassar made a donation as well.

We returned to meet at the Bright Blade Brandished, and it seemed everyone was in a dire mood. Tassar kept muttering things about “Mr. Bucket,” Antonio has had some sort of fight with his father, and Deitricha seemed upset as well. Antonio wanted to leave as soon as possible, and as we made our few remaining preparations to leave Theona returned o her hose to get Dante. She returned without Dante, saying that he had left without even leaving a note.

We left town then, and finally free of the city walls, it seemed that the whole mood of the party lightened. We made good time on our way to check a tower that Theona had heard about while we were in Silverymoon. But we were delayed when we came upon a dead cow in the middle of the road. Antonio insisted that it was the work of a vampire, but he could not find any lurking about in the bright sunlight. I know there are a few other blood sucking creatures that exist, so I was not quite ready to make a judgment about what was responsible then.

We traveled on, coming upon a town. Theona wanted to stop to let someone know about the cow, so we headed for a nearby farm. Tassar was sure he smelled pie coming from a house, and bolted off with Deitricha following, to keep him out of trouble. We found two men working in a field, who we told about the cow. They thanked us for finding her, and told us that there had been a few cows lost on other farms as well.

We headed into town for a bit of lunch, and Theona started a conversation with an older human man named Marl. She asked him about the tower and the old guy went on for forever and eventually one by one we left. After several hours, Theona finally made it out of the inn.

After collecting Theona, we headed out of town, and into a chain of events that left one party member dead and one creature quite charred.

We found a set of huge footprints while we were walking and Tassar, in his ultimate wisdom, decided that we should follow the tracks. At the end of the footprints we found a huge troll which Tassar decided needed to be killed, he ran up to attack it, an distance we knew this could only turn out badly, we prepared to help him. Theona and I both loosed bolts and arrows into it, and Tassar attacked it. Antonio claimed that fire would be the most effective thing against it, and Deitricha threw a flask of oil on it, following Antonio’s advice.

Theona then shouted to Antonio to light he bolt and she would shoot the troll, setting it on fire, but Antonio decided it would be better to poke the troll to set it on fire. The troll, enraged that Antonio had lit him on fire, reciprocated by ripping Antonio in half. The troll then expired.

We were left with a problem of what to do with Antonio’s body. We didn’t want to just leave it to rot, so we decided it would be best to take it to his parents. We returned to Silverymoon uneventfully and Deitricha and Theona went to let the family know what had happened. Tassar and I stayed behind so that we would not be creating any scenes, especially with Tassar’s reputation.

We will be leaving again soon I am sure. I don’t think Antonio’s death has deterred us from traveling onward…

Kythorn 23, 1373, Ruined Tower

Theona left us for a short while to check her house from anything Dante may have left. We sat around not really being able to leave, but still quite ready to be gone from Silverymoon.

After a short while she returned, with a strange new character in tow. He looks human, though his silvery eyes suggest that he is a little more than just that. Theona introduced him as William and told me that he was a mage. I found this odd as he had armor and carried a mace, but for now I will let it pass.

Theona and I went to get Tassar, who had been hiding out to keep out of trouble. We found him paying his rent to Lady Brenin, and when we returned to meet the rest of our party, Tassar met William for the first time. I don’t think it went too badly, as Tassar only nicknamed him “new guy,” and demanded that William buy him ale.

We got ready to leave town, and because William had a Warhorse, we decided in order to get along more quickly we would ride our pack horses. As I expected, Tassar got himself up with Deitricha, but I hadn’t been thinking about our remaining party member, until she hopped onto the horse behind me. I don’t know why, but I tensed up a bunch. I reprimanded myself for being so stupid. I didn’t think Theona was hitting on me. She’s independent enough, and a city dweller at that, why would she like someone who is far more comfortable in the wilderness, like me? But I still can’t be completely sure. While we were traveling the horse made a small misstep and Theona grabbed onto me a little tighter so she didn’t loose her balance and fall off. I would have just written it off as just that…but I thought she held on longer than was necessary.

I’m not sure whether or not to pursue it. I know I need to approach her about it, but I don’t know how I can, or even when! Not to mention I could just be reading into her little action entirely too much…

Blah…my head is starting to hurt thinking about it…on with the day…

We had a relatively uneventful trip to the tower, stopping in White haven to rest overnight before continuing to the tower. We stabled our horses in White Haven, so that if we end up in the tower for an extended period of time, nothing will come by and have an easy horse-snack.

We headed to the tower, and once we were close to it, we heard a wolf howl. William started to whine about how much he hated wolves, and I began to wonder if he was even a mage. Maybe he was just a coward who wanted to get some treasure at the expense of others…

We did spot a wolf watching us from near the tower, but he quickly disappeared. Then shortly after, a dozen wolves appeared, bearing down on us. Theona and I ran to the tower, but everyone else ended up getting caught by a wolf. Tassar had been knocked from his dog Otto, and he and Deitricha were both fighting from the ground, and William was unconscious and being dragged away from the battle by a wolf.

I left the safety of the tower to rescue William; I couldn’t let our party kill two mages in less than 3 days. The wolf dropped dead with one arrow from my bow, and I bandaged William enough that he seemed to be stable. Not long after, the wolves fled, realizing that we were more than a match for them.

Deitricha healed those who had been injured and Tassar made a wolf stew. After eating William wandered into the tower to investigate it. I started wondering why he was wandering off alone, especially into a “haunted” tower, when Theona Admonished him for trying to wander off alone. I can tell William is not used to adventuring yet, Though I am pretty sure Antonio would have done the same thing…I know mages who wandered off from their parties ended up dead. My mother was always wary of being alone, and she had many stories of fellow mages who were too foolish to live very long.

We decided that we would then head into the tower, down a staircase that William had found. Theona started down first, until Tassar, William and Otto slid by her on the slippery steps. Once at the bottom of the steps, everyone ran in their own direction, exploring the ruins, until we heard Theona scream for help. I ran back as quickly as I could to find a needle-nosed insect with bat-like wings attached to Theona’s neck. Deitricha killed the creature, and a bunch more dropped from the ceiling, attacking us. We managed to fend them off, but not before both theona and Deitricha had lost a lot of blood. William actually managed to kill one, though it exploded all over Deitricha and Theona. I think that they may have been the cause of all the dead cows, though I am not entirely sure.

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