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February 17, 2004

A New Day

Antonio's Journal

As we left Everlund for home I couldn’t get Lirna out of my head. It’s a shame she’s in that profession. I liked her, but my parents would not approve. That’s when I realized I can’t tell them of Lirna. I really can’t tell my parents about most of the things I’m doing. Dad’s always telling me there’s a place working with him on the town guard when I’m old enough. Telling him I’d rather adventure with my friends than work with him would break his heart. I was deep in thought pondering these things when Dante asked me if I saw anything. “Not yet.” I told him just noticing the sun setting. We were getting close to the place we camped during that last storm.

I was very relieved when Morn Drake had agreed to traveling straight through instead of stopping to be a target in the middle of the night. We traveled for a while when we I smelled the familiar sent of burning wood. Looking ahead we all saw what appeared to be a bon fire in the middle of the road. We stopped the wagon as Tassar and Areon went ahead to check it out. From back here we could see people get up, but when they called for help I realized that it was a trap. Theona and Deitricha went up to help, while Dante and I stayed with the caravan in case the orcs attacked. It’s amazing watching these guys fight.

When the enemy ran the caravans moved forward. We were thinking about how to clear the road when the zombies came back. The fight was brief, but when the horns sounded from the mountains I knew we needed to go. I asked Deitricha if she could create water over a wagon to put out the fire, she did and enough of one was put out to move it so I tried to push. I couldn’t move it myself and in a minute others came to help. It was slow moving but after the half burnt wagon was out of the way we got on our way in a hurry. Tassar insisted on being in the last wagon as Dante drove, so I got in the second. Everyone else rode horses, except for the caravan drivers. I heard commotion behind us and looking back I saw a large orc in chain mail pick an arrow out of his shoulder and I thought, “we are going to die.”

We basically ran for what seemed like an eternity. The sun rose and noticing the road was empty behind us we slowed the horses and breathed a sigh of relief. It was like a weight dropped from our shoulders when we went through gates into Silverymoon. I practically ran home to see if the mugs were done, and my mother handed me the package and asked where I’ve been. I told her I’d explain later, but I had to go. On the way I stopped by the smith who made the silver mugs and gave him an additional 5gps for the beautiful work. Then I went to find my companions. The expression on their faces when I handed each of them a personalized pint sized silver mug: it was priceless. We went to get the rest of our pay, and then went to the bar.

Early the next day we met then went to Dante turned back into a human. I knew a few great spellcasters at the school and one was willing to help, especially since he was giving a class on breaking spells. It worked and Dante was a human again. Theona however didn’t seem happy about it. So when we got to the bar, I decided to get both of them drunk and drop them off at Theona’s house. Tassar kept saying we shouldn’t do this, but I was having fun and not listening. After that three of us went back to the bar and the next thing I knew my dad was lifting me out of the chair. He looked very angry as he practically dragged me home.

He told me one of his friends saw what we did earlier that afternoon and the only reason we weren’t all picked up right there was because of the position he held. He also told me that if I was going to stay under his roof I was to stop seeing my friends and get a steady job. He said I’ve been changing ever since I started being around “those people” and he knows something happened on that last trip. He can’t put his finger on it, but I’m not acting like the kid he raised. Now maybe it was the alcohol talking. Maybe it was because he called me a kid. Maybe I have changed. Anyway, I told my dad very simply that I was going to the tower outside of the city then when I get back I’ll get my things. I then walked out, went back to the bar and rented a room for the night. I didn’t see Tassar or Deitricha at the inn when I got back there, and I don’t remember if they were there or not when I was dragged away.

Lying in bed my mind drifted back to when I was eight. That was the first time I could control my ability. I created fire in my hand. I ran home from school to show my mother the new trick and in my hast accidentally set a wool blanket she was making on fire. I felt so bad but mother told me it was ok and after guiding me to the fire place had me repeat the trick. The next day I was taken to some special classes to learn about magic and how to speak draconic. That was the first time I heard about Bahamut. I asked a lot of questions about The Platinum Dragon. It was soon after I started to worship him. That was about the time I drifted off to sleep.

I dreamed I was flying. I had wings of gold, and golden scales. I didn’t know where I was going but the landscape seamed familiar somehow. I landed on a ledge close to the peak of the largest mountain in the area. I woke with a start and felt ok. I went downstairs for breakfast and waited for everyone else to arrive.

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Balancing Act

Theona's Journal

Kythorn 18, 1373, Silverymoon

This room arrangement worked out better than I thought, since there was a window available that led to Areon’s room. Now, I guess I’d better explain my suspicions.

One thing I have not told my companions (other than Areon, being neither human or currently involved with a human), is that I saw a Harper symbol scrawled in the corner of Dante’s cell when we found him. This is the most exciting thing I’d seen in about ten years of watching the town guard watching the Harper agent watching the town guard (I suspect they are both Harpers that don’t know each other is a Harper— a tale for another time). I’ve always been fascinated with the Harpers, mainly because they work against the evil Zhents. The more Zhents move into the area, the more Harpers arrive to keep an eye on things....

As it turned out, I was right about Dante, and he really had been polymorphed into an orc by a wizard— and had the means to turn himself back before reaching Everlund until Grom took his belongings and locked him up. That also explained why Rand Tallwood, the “shopkeeper” that we’d gone to talk to and re-outfit Dante, had given him such good quality armor and rapier when he only paid for basic goods— that was, in fact, his contact in Everlund. Thanks to our bizarre room renting, I managed to get Dante aside to get that much info (or rather, I told him that much and agreed to keep quiet to all other than Areon, who, of any of my friends, would notice if I was behaving oddly), if I could help. He is obviously a good judge of character, as he agreed.

My “job” was not that interesting, but I did accomplish it! Each night I had to sneak out of the Stone Griffin unseen, and I had to slide past Tassar and Deitricha’s window to get there (thankfully they were always doing something that prevented them from noticing a female elf back lighted by the moon climbing past) to Areon’s quarters, and climb in, then go out the window on the other wall of his corner room. I really surprised him the first night, but he was so relieved by my explanation of my behavior that I regained his confidence. Areon and I would then slip out of town and walk for nearly an hour, to get to a specific tree. And wait. For two hours! If we didn’t see anything unusual, we’d just head back and sneak back into the inn again, our friends none the wiser. I thought this would allow Dante to get the extra rest humans seem to require (the poor guy had barely slept while in Grom’s captivity), but he always looked even more haggard when I came back in— the two occupants in the rooms on either side of him would keep him awake! So, each morning when I got back into the room I’d bang on the wall if things were too noisy. This seems to please my friends immensely.

The last night in Everlund, Areon and I finally completed our Harper “assignment.” When we went to the tree, we found a small scroll of paper stuck in the crotch of the tree. I confess I did look at the note, but it was in some code I could not completely make out. As promised, Areon and I took the note back to the Tallwood’s shop and slipped it under the door. I was sorry the person leaving the note had not wanted to show himself, but hopefully someone will put in a good word for us if Areon or I ever want to join the Harpers on a more official basis.

The next day we departed for Silverymoon, with Dante and the caravan. We decided to go straight through, considering that any campsite would likely receive attention from orcish attackers. We surrounded the caravan in the same fashion as we had on the way to Everlund, Areon at the head, Deitricha watching the river, I watching the mountains, Tassar galloping ahead on Otto and then waiting until the last wagon caught up, which was driven by Dante and in which Antonio was preparing for any situation that needed firepower— literally.

About halfway home, in the darkness, Areon came upon a burning wagon right in the middle of the road. He and Tassar went on ahead to investigate, and when we heard commotion, Deitricha and I followed to find two burning wagons and four human zombies (not yet burning), which were attacking our comrades. Tassar had fallen off of Otto, but luckily Deitricha had seen and was so incensed that she turned the zombies, who shuffled away from her as quickly as they could.

The rest of our caravan was coming forward as the zombies shuffled back into view. We peppered them with arrows and fire, and Deitricha fell off of her horse in the fracas, I sped off to catch the horse, and did so, but by then I was away from the fire of the burning wagons. I noticed movement a ways up the mountain— humanoids about one hundred yards up the sloping surface on a ledge. I grabbed the reigns of the frightened horse and returned to the party. The zombies were dispatched and they were moving a charred (and stripped clean, apparently) wagon off the path so we could squeeze by with our caravan. As I began to tell them of the movement ahead, we heard a call to arms in the form of a horn blast.

We moved off as quickly as we could, though at one point a dozen orc warriors led by an orc in chainmail riding a dire wolf was close enough that we could see the evil glint in their eyes. Tassar took a potshot at the leader and actually managed to lodge an arrow in his chain. Of course, he also shouted his name so that Grom (for that is who we think it was) would know who to seek revenge on.

We kept up what amounted to a forced march until we saw the Moonbridge leading to our city.

I had got to thinking of Dante as a Harper rather than an orc, so I felt almost guilty as we walked through the streets of Silverymoon, where all eyes turned a disapproving stare on him. Antonio disappeared (we figured he was already shopping again!) and soon returned with beautiful silver mugs each engraved with our first name. It will be doubly handy if I meet up with a lycanthrope in a bar.

Dante spent the night in my tree home with me— my house is much too small for more than one person, especially when one is a hulking orc. I peeked out now and again, since I don’t need sleep, and I swore I saw Areon keeping watch on my place. For some reason, that makes me feel more secure, even though Silverymoon is the safest place I can think of. He hates being cooped up indoors — even when the house is a tree, so I don’t invite him up. I think he spends most nights “hunting” though I don’t know just what all he hunts for.

The morning came and we all met at the Bright Blade Brandished for breakfast, where Antonio seemed intent on making plans to go to that abandoned tower I’d heard rumors about. We eventually left to go over to the Greycastle estate to collect our pay. Unfortunately Lord Greycastle was not available, but his butler was expecting us and provided us with our earnings. I was surprised that Antonio already had an idea for spending our money— he knew someone at a local magic college that could polymorph Dante back into a human. I was immediately confused by conflicting emotions. First, if Dante was human again, he could go back to doing whatever exciting things Harpers do without my assistance any longer, and well, he’d be human, the N’Tel’Quess that most often follow the Zhentarim ideals. Even more confusing to me, the two humans in my party were the ones that were pushing to make his appearance human again! I knew my reasons were selfish though, and kept my concerns to myself, even paying a third of the cost of the spell.

He was changed instantly back to his human form, and though attractive for a human, just not what I had expected. For one thing, his vanity level increased 200%— the clothes we had provided weren’t right for his image. Luckily Deitricha was willing to take him shopping. I needed a drink!

I must have had too much to drink, because, when I became conscious again, I found myself lying on a bearskin rug in front of my own hearth in my home, with Areon characteristically pacing the perimeter of the room. I must have really worried him, as his expression unexpectedly softened briefly when he saw I was coming around. He only said, “We had a mishap with our N’Tel’Quess companions.”

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