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January 5, 2004

Starting Off

Antonio's Journal

Whether it was coincidence or not here we are. It started off as a normal day. I went to the Bright Blade Brandished to get a drink and maybe something to eat. I saw Tassar there and he looked like he could use a drink so I bought him one, a large one; he’s nicer when he’s drunk. Looking around I noticed Areon had stepped in. Theona and Deitricha was there also apparently looking for work. I thought a job might be a nice break to the monotony of daily life, so I asked also and we were told who to see.

The job sounded simple. There was a copper mine outside of town and the owner wanted it cleared out. Apparently kobolds had taken residence there. I admit I don’t know these people all too well, but I’ve seen them around and they seem ok. So we left town to take care of this little problem.

Finding the mine was easy, but took all day so we camped outside and entered in the morning. We were shocked to see human sized statues of frightened people but moved on anyway. After a little walking we came to a room filled with webs. Tassar wanted to see if I could catch them on fire, but before I could Areon asked me not to, so I didn’t. I was going to walk back to Areon to ask why, but before I could, Tassar threw a stone in the webbing and I was attacked by giant spiders. Before I knew it the battle was over, but not before I got bit three times and had an arrow in my back side. Deitricha was nice enough to heal me and we went off again searching the mine for these kobolds.

Eventually we did find some as they shot at us from a ledge, three died; the fourth ran. We chased it for a bit till Tassar fell into a pit. That slowed us down but we were still able to trail it. We came to an opening and the battle resumed, it was hard to see everything. Kobolds were everywhere and many died, but soon Theona fell, followed by Deitricha. Tassar and Areon seem to be ok, I’m currently out of spells, and I feel like I’m going to collapse. We killed most of the kobolds, and some ran away, but from the sound of things others are coming to aid in the fight. I hope Areon and Tassar can keep them at bay long enough to keep us alive.

Posted by Fred at 15:10 | Antonio’s Journal