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January 1, 2004

House Rules

~PC Creation & House Rules~

This campaign will be strictly Forgotten Realms (no spells, feats, deities, Prestige classes, etc. from other “worlds”), and with only races found in that setting. No psionics, please. All characters will be based on “3.5” rules.

Characters can be made with 40 points using the Point Buy method. All characters begin with full hit points and starting money at 1st level. You may also choose from Regional Feats and Equipment from pages 30-32 of the FRCS. Everyone starts at 1st level, and unless cleared with the DM, begins in Silverymoon in the Silver Marches. Your character may be originally from another region, but moved to Silverymoon, as long as this is mentioned in your bio. Multiclass and favored class rules are in effect (they had been dropped for our Greyhawk campaign).

Any Evil or Chaotic Neutral characters are not allowed (any characters that behave with these alignments will become NPCs). This is intended to be a “heroic” campaign and the past has shown that these alignments are not conducive to teamwork or heroic adventure.

There will be no more than 5 or 6 PCs at any time. We’ve tried playing with more in the past and it decreases the enjoyment for the DM and players.

Character sheets will be in PCGen format (give your changes to Kristin so she can add them to the DM’s roster).

Occasionally, Hugh will give out something called “Fate Points” for working as a team. A single Fate Point can be used to reroll one die that affects that character only— whether it is a roll made by the player or a roll by an opponent against the character. The new roll counts even if it is worse than the first— that’s the fickleness of Fate after all.

In addition to experience points for game play and attendance, Hugh is also basing experience awards on timely-written journal entries, bios and other things character-related that help evolve the game world and make it easier for him to spend what time he has working on the campaign. A good background will lend itself to plot hooks for the characters.

Players unable to attend a session must make arrangements with Hugh to run your character for that session. A missed session will usually yield 75% experience.

No character or inventory item, etc. is in play unless it has been approved by the DM. This includes characters who have gone up a level since the last time Hugh has okayed a character sheet. Things discussed between characters that effect game play do not happen if the DM is not made aware of them.

Main books/sources used for character creation

PHB 3.5
DMG 3.5
Complete Warrior (3.5)
Minitures Handbook (3.5; check with Hugh first!)
Draconomicon (3.5; check with Hugh first!)
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Magic of Faerūn
Faiths & Pantheons
Races of Faerūn
Silver Marches
Unapproachable East
Player’s Guide to Faerūn (3.5; check with Hugh if it contradicts something in your character added prior to March 2004)
Complete Divine (May 2004)

Some materials from FRCS Official Home Page, approved on a case-by-case basis.

Some Dragon Magazine articles, approved on a case-by-case basis.

Character Death & New Characters

Character deaths happen, and resurrection isn’t always an option. If a character dies heroically, the player may create a new character at the level the old character would have been at had they been resurrected, with the addition of that session’s experience points. Fate points do not carry over from an old character— it’s the player’s fault if they aren’t used to prevent the character’s death! Characters coming into the game in this fashion have to make sense for the story line.

The new character’s starting funds are half of what is shown in the DM Guide on table 5-1. All magic items must be approved by the DM.

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Monster Roster

Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps

Greycastle Mine:
3 small monstrous spiders
32 kobolds: War3, Adp1, War1 (30)

Sewers of Silverymoon:
1 ghoul
3 human thugs

Cave in Nether Mountains:
14 orc zombies
3 orc skeletons
12 orcs: War2, Adp3, War1 (10)
7 wolves
4 human zombies
Grom and his orcish troops (ran away)

Outside of White Haven
1 troll

The Ruined Tower
12 wolves
6 stirges
4 dread guards
12 skeletons
1 imp

Avernus, Nine Hells
1 spinagon, Hixtali
1 planar half-elf sorceress, Hexla
3 bloodworms
1 cambion

Hive Ward, Sigil Catacombs
18 human zombies
2 ghouls

4 vargouilles
2 shadows
1 wight

35 orcs
3 ogres
1 cleric of Gruumsh
1 choker
2 rust monsters
1 large earth elemental
3 large monstrous spiders
9 drow: War1 (8), Sor1 (1)
1 gauth (lesser beholder)
4 gnolls
1 Thayan wizard
1 hell hound (summoned)

Spine of the World
18 orcs: Bbn4(4), Adp1, War1 (13)
2 dire boars
3 ogres (avoided)
2 dire wolves

North of the Moonwood, Lair of the Illithid
2 ettins
1 mimic
15 goblins: War1 (14), War1/Sor1(1)
4 dire rats
3 gnolls
1 gnome
1 minotaur
3 hobgoblins
2 bugbears
2 ogres
1 mind flayer (got away!)

Northeast of the Moonwood
1 yrthak (drove it off)
1 ogre

South of the Night Trees
1 large red dragon

North of Silverymoon
2 wights

10 trolls

North of Evermoor Way
16 orcs
1 orc shaman

1 dire boar

Giants’ Fortress
1 huge white dragon (avoided)
3 ogres
20 hobgoblins
1 ogre mage
3 hill giants

2 displacer beasts
1 seven-headed hydra
1 vampiric hill giant

Graypeak Mountains
1 barghest
6 goblins
6 worgs

Lonely Moors
1 bulette

Anauroch Desert
6 ghouls
4 hell hounds
1 nyth

        Creature Types:
        • aberration
        • animal and beast
        • construct
        • dragon
        • elemental
        • fey
        • giant
        • humanoid
        • magical beast
        • monstrous humanoid
        • ooze
        • outsider
        • plant
        • undead
        • vermin


Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps

Greycastle Mine:
272 gold pieces
2777 copper pieces

Greatsword, masterwork, Areon
Gnome Hooked Hammer, masterwork (320 gp)
Silver Necklace with Alexandrite Pendant (222 gp), Deitricha
Engraved Gold Ring with Deep Green Spinel (Chultan) (1623 gp)

Cave in Nether Mountains:
+1 Light Crossbow, Theona

Ruined Tower
Large Steel Shield, masterwork, Tassar
16 Arrows, masterwork, Areon
Mighty Composite Longbow, masterwork, Areon
Thieves’ Tools of Knock, Theona
Rapier, masterwork, Theona
Mighty Composite Shortbow, masterwork, Tassar
Bastard Sword, masterwork (335 gp)
2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Darkvision, Deitricha
Potion of Neutralize Poison, Deitricha
Light Steel Shield, masterwork, William
3 Light Steel Shields, masterwork (159 gp each)
2 Potions of Lesser Restoration
50 platinum pieces
213 gold pieces
550 silver pieces

2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Bear’s Endurance, Deitricha
Potion of Invisibility
Scroll of Fly (375 gp)
Scroll of Dispel Magic (375 gp)
spellbook (2000gp)

Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement, Theona

Avernus, Nine Hells
Baatorian Green Steel Warfork, masterwork, Tassar

Hive Ward, Sigil Catacombs
53 gold pieces
32 silver pieces

Silver Dagger, masterwork, Tassar

252 gold pieces
101 silver pieces
8 copper pieces

Green Everburning Torch, Deitricha
Green Everburning Torch, Areon
Green Everburning Torch, Theona
Green Everburning Torch, Tassar
Waraxe of Barransar, Rosorc
Adamantine Dagger, Tassar
Adamantine Long Sword, Tassar
Large Steel Shield, masterwork
+1 Throwing Axe, Rosorc
6 +1 Crossbow Bolts of Wounding, Theona

Spine of the World
Crown of Silver (gem) (10 gp)
Mermaid Ring of Swimming, Rosorc
8571 silver pieces

North of the Moonwood, Lair of the Illithid
3851 gold pieces
Masterwork Nunchaku
Arcane Scroll of Summon Monster II and Animate Rope, Theona
+1 Shock Quarterstaff, Deitricha
2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, Rosorc

Northeast of the Moonwood
175 gold pieces

4800 gold pieces
Arcane Scroll of Burning Hands and Claws of Darkness, Tyan
Divine Scroll of Moonblade and Eagle’s Splendor, Theona
Crystal Wand of Shatter, Tyan
+2 Greatsword, Areon
Ring of Fire Resistance, Areon

Sharpstone (14 gp)
Jasmal (1200 gp)
Violane (11 gp)
Sunstone (5 gp)
2 Peridot (600 gp each)
Blue Orbaline (700 gp)
Geen Spinel (600 gp)
Jasmal (900 gp)
Banded Agate (10 gp)
Raindrop 400 gp

Giants’ Fortress
6 5 Arrows of Biting, Areon
Arcane Scroll of Scatterspray, Tyan
Arcane Scroll of Fireball, Tyan
Potion of Owl’s Wisdom, Tyan

Potion of Bull’s Strength, Ebin
4110 gold pieces
Rhodochrosite (7 gp)
Hyaline (13 gp)
Peridot (700 gp)
Chrysoprase (30 gp)
Sphene (300 gp)
Zendalure (900 gp)
Raindrop (700 gp)
Lynx Eye (8 gp)
Phenalope (50 gp)

Potion of Mage Armor, Tyan
+1 Scimitar
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Blur
Divine Scroll of Gembomb, Helping Hand, Animal Messenger
Arcane Scroll of Aganazzar’s Scorcher, Tyan
Silver Pendant set with 100 gp Pearl (300 gp), Deitricha
Carved Darkwood Statuette of a Leaping Lion (200 gp)
Silver Tiger Statue, Areon
2 Giant Vampire Fangs

*stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
**stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified....