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Fit to Be Tied

Theona’s Journal

Eleasis 14, 1373 DR, departing Llorkh

Things started out well enough. We found that we could (for a hefty sum) be teleported from Yartar right to the Red Tiger tribe’s um, camp, and deliver the silver tiger that day. For as long as it’s been missing from the tribe, it probably was best that we got it there so quickly. The chief was so pleased he offered Areon a boon, and told us we were welcome in the camp. He also updated us on the local happenings; apparently, the People of the Black Blood in the Moonwood were up to something lycanthropic.

At this point, it finally dawned on me that Areon’s parents lived here, and I looked like I’d been spit out by that hydra, so I quietly asked where the bathhouse was. I got a few blank looks and someone pointed to a nearby stream. Deitricha decided a bath was a good idea, so off we went. The water was freezing even in the middle of summer, and I felt like we were being watched, but it got the job done. I asked Deitricha for any tips on meeting parents for the first time and she told me to try and stay sober. Oh.

The Elauwits live in a tree, similar to my house, but without a clear means of entering. This wasn’t a problem for Areon or me, obviously, and I was amazed that Tyan and Deitricha also were able to haul themselves up the tall tree, but Ebin, in his heavy plate, mostly lay on his back near the truck, wind knocked out of him. I was afraid we’d offend our hosts if we tossed him a rope (he would not remove the mail!), but Areon took pity and tossed him a rope to climb.

They must have been aware that we were coming, as they had a large breakfast prepared for us. To be honest, I think I should have probably had one or two flasks of ale before the visit, as I was nervous and don’t remember anything else about my time there, and I wasn’t paying attention at all to the conversations going on around me.

Someone in our circle of friends grabbed my hand and there was a lurch, and we were standing just outside of a very busy town, someplace much warmer than the Coldwood. Llorsk. I had heard of it— it’s crawling with Zhents! What on Toril did we do to deserve this? I also realized, ruefully, that we completely bypassed Ascalhorn, a place I have really been hoping to visit.

I tried diplomacy with the guard at the west gate; when asked what our business was, I tipped him a silver and asked to be pointed to the best tavern and best drink to order once there. Apparently this is something the guard was an expert on, and we were directed to the Dark Raven and told to order a round of a beverage called “Dragon’s Breath.” The tavern was dimly lit and rather quiet, but the ale was okay and seemed to clear my head somewhat. Ebin’s seemed consumed by the urge to buy “desert” gear; I seemed to recall that someone suggested we go to the Anauroch Desert.

Ebin and Tyan had way too much fun shopping in this evil-infested city; coming back to the tavern with four camels, two wagons, a lot of water and rations, a large tent and an assortment of hot-climate garb. As they were showing us their purchases, I noticed a ten-wagon caravan leaving through the west gate; their wagons emblazoned with the hateful yellow Z on a black oval background. It has been suggested to me that I not try to take out the entire caravan (as if that was something I was prone to do), and we are letting them have a rather good “head start” so that we don’t bump into them somewhere out in the desert. Maybe we won’t bump into any sand either.

Posted by Kristin on July 19, 2005, 16:28 | Theona’s Journal