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Tense and Twitchy

Ebin’s Journal

We found someone in town to teleport us directly to the barbarian tribe that the statue belongs to. It was kind of tense for a while being as we dropped right in the middle of camp. Fortunately for us Areon knows them well and they accepted us and the statue gratefully. There was a feast and a place to spend the night. In the morning we went to visit Areonís parents. Nice people. After a quick breakfast Tyan asked if they could teleport us somewhere, and without batting an eye they asked where we wanted to go. After some discussion we were teleported to a town a few miles from the desert. I forget the name, but it’s obvious it’s an evil place. It’s full of the Zhents that Theona keeps talking about, and she was twitching like mad. It obviously took all her will to not kill everything on sight. We got some supplies for our desert trek and later in the day we left town to go find the ruins of some place or other and get some powerful artifacts before some Red Wizards do. This sounds like it will be entertaining if nothing else. I just hope Theona relaxes before she has a heart attack.

Posted by Fred on July 18, 2005, 18:14 | Ebin’s Journal