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Peaceful for a while

Ebin’s Journal

We tossed around a couple ideas to expose the vampire to sunlight, until it started to rain. Areon said it looked like it was going to rain for a couple of days so it was decided we crack open the coffin and kill it the old fashioned way, with brute force. After hammering on the lid for a while we got a small hole in the top. Tyan dropped a spell as I backed up a bit. The lid exploded up and out and the large vampire leaped from it. Due to the immense cloud coverage, the sunlight never touched it as it rose from its sleep. Two thoughts ran through my head at this moment. The first was I needed to protect them from this beast so they can complete this mission. The second I spoke out loud, “this is going to hurt.” I muttered as I charged forward to attack the vampire. I got nailed twice and was barely standing so I decided get back, take some healing and attack again. The creature hit me again....

All was peaceful for a while. I was resting in an open field. I’m not sure how long I was there, only that after a time I heard a voice telling me I wasn’t done yet and that I needed to go back. I said “okay.” Looking up I see the face of some guy chanting over me. I soon notice that I’m in a tavern and my current companions tell me that we were victorious against the vampire and they decided to have me raised. Grateful to be back, even though I’m confused of my “dreams” while I was out, I figured I should travel with them a while longer. Well, we’ll see where this leads me.

Posted by Fred on July 11, 2005, 18:20 | Ebin’s Journal