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Saving Glitch

Tyan’s Journal

Having won the roof and once again being able to concentrate on my dearest friend Glitch, I informed the party that I could drop us all safely to the bridge bellow and we could enter from there. Someone asked about the hole I made, and what was in there, but I could not be bothered by such things while seeking my friend.

We made our way down and through the door without a problem. The next door was found to be trapped, good thing we have a thief to disarm it. Oh yes, she says she is not a thief, but she sure seems to know her way around a set of thieves’ tools for not being a thief.

Theona opened the second door and we made our way to a set of jail cells. I called to my friend as we knocked on each door. In the last of five, Glitch called out that he was inside. Theona, once again with thieves’ tools, opened the door and let him out. It was so good to see him again. After checking him out for any injuries and giving him a good scolding for getting himself into danger, all of which he was happy to endure, Glitch climbed into my backpack to find his favorite treats.

That being done, we moved on to find a room of sarcophaguses. This seemed to match the cleric’s dream, and proves to us that we are on the right track. We opened each one, ready to battle, only to find dried husks of which were of no danger to us. I then tried listening to the walls to see if I could tell which room had the hydra. After a few questions from the party I realized that I had not told them about the beast. I could see the spirits of the group weaken as I mentioned that I had seen at least five heads for sure, but there may have been more.

A bit more somber we headed out to check for other rooms and the tiger statue that brought us here in the first place. We found a door that when we listened to it, it sounded as if a great beast was moving inside. Being easy to figure, we found the hydra.

To my amazement Glitch once again volunteered to go and take a look. I agreed and set him on the floor, and he bravely climbed under the door. He informed me once under that there was a few doors on the left and one big one on the right. And he even went as far to take a good look at the hydra to confirm it was there. Having exceeded the bravery of several rat generations he came back and I gave him more treats.

I explained to the party that I could go up on the roof and get the hydra’s attention, then signal Glitch to signal them that it was safe to go through and attack it from behind. That was the plan. I got to the roof and was about to cast when I heard Glitch laughing. This is never a good thing. I quickly reached the hole and fired off a spell to try and help, but Ebin had already gone too far and gotten all of the hydra’s attention.

The rest of the party tried to help in what I can only call some of the bravest and stupidest maneuvers I have ever seen. And some were both at the same time. The next thing I know Theona had gotten herself in a corner, separated from the party, Ebin was hiding in the hall, and the hydra was leaving his room to go after him. I used on of my favorite spells, feather fall, to jump through the hole and land behind the hydra. Adding yet another brave yet stupid thing to the list. As my luck would have it, the hydra was more concerned with the three in the hall than me casting spells into its backside. Theona took the opportunity to go and open the door that the hydra was protecting, though she did seem a bit pale when I caught up to her.

The hydra was finally slain, but to add insult to injury the hydra died blocking the passage. My comrades had to go climb up the roof on the outside and then climb down from the ceiling through the hole to join us.

It was then that Theona explained that the next room contained a sarcophagus the size of a giant. Again, an easy one to put together, big vampire, very bad, only a few hours of sun left too. We went up to the roof and made another hole, and did everything we could to break the sarcophagus open, but as the night approached, valor was set aside for common sense, and we retreated to the camp of the previous night up on the hill.

Posted by Jim on June 20, 2005, 19:18 | Tyan’s Journal