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Descent to the depths...

Areon’s Journal

Theona and I returned to the Bright Blade Brandished. We found that everyone had had congregated there, so we got our last-minute supplies and headed back to the mage college to be teleported to Yartar, which we believed the caravan had not yet passed through.
After we teleported we headed out of town, because I wanted to meet the caravan outside of town, so that hopefully we wouldn’t attract to much attention.
Beowulf turned himself into an eagle and headed out to scout ahead. I stayed with the party; I did not think that I would need to range ahead on a main road.
After a couple hours Beowulf returned, saying that he had just warned a caravan of a troll attack. We quickened our pace so that maybe we would be able to help. About an hour later, three wagons came into view moving at a full clip. As they passed by Rosorc threw a bag filled with snakes into the wagon! The two riders jumped out, yelling “Bandits,” and Rosorc issued a battle challenge to them. They grabbed onto the next wagon, letting its momentum pull them into it. Had Theona not been there to stop me, I probably put an arrow in him on the spot.
I have no idea what he was thinking. The only thing that did was get us on a wanted list for bandits. Now on top of trying to find the Red Tiger’s Statue, there is a possibility of us having to deal with bounty hunters on top of everything we encounter in the wilderness. Not to mention we won’t be allowed in a town.
We continued on, hoping that maybe we could help the wagons that had not made it away from the troll attack. We did come upon the wagons, thought there was not much to find. Theona did find some crossbows, bolts and a few bottles of alchemists’ fire, which I took.
Tyan headed out after the path the trolls had taken away from the path. I followed, knowing that we wouldn’t be getting back into civilization without proof of us being well-meaning.
We did encounter to two trolls, which we were able to kill without to much trouble, though it did really hurt Tyan. If not for Beowulf’s healing spells, he surely would have died. Fortunately Beowulf was able to heal him so that he had no major wounds. We traveled on and the path led to a troll cave…..

Posted by Tim on January 16, 2005, 01:58 | Areon’s Journal