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My Journey Continues

Tyan’s Journal

I have found Silverymoon to be both as beautiful and strange as I had been told. The mixture of races here amazes to me. The first hours in town were spent searching bulletin boards and bars for a way to make some quick money. Then Glitch convinced me that it was time to trust someone a little and join a party for a while.

As usual, Glitch got me in trouble. Oh, I found a group that seems perfect, but joining them may get me killed. This new group has some strength, but lacks direction. Glitch could probably lead them better than they lead themselves. Now Glitch also thinks this is a great chance to make some money and he doesnít think they will notice me guiding them towards my goals.

The first day after meeting them we all went to a library to help the ranger figure out where to find a statue. After talking to a sage, and for some reason I have agreed to help them chase this item. To the point of telling them we can get there quicker if we teleport. Oh and the place they want to go is very near they last place I want to be. Glitch has been telling me I am an idiot for about two hours. Maybe backing the play of the quiet ranger will help me down the road.

Why I agreed to go so close to Luskan, so close to the power of the judges, and the families who blame my friends and me for the death of Lord Geltron. Not that he was a powerful or well-loved man, just a pawn in a larger game. A pawn used to eliminate another pawn, my party. I donít know who is behind it, or why. But when I find that halfling, I will get some answers.

Posted by Jim on January 5, 2005, 21:22 | Tyan’s Journal