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Rather Uneventful

Beowulf’s Journal

The last few days have been rather uneventful. We had one incident as we were trying to sleep our first night after leaving the illithid’s lair, but nothing we couldn’t handle. It did start to rain the following day, hard enough for us to seek shelter. It continued to rain for about four days or so, I did some flying around in bird form just to keep an eye on our surroundings. The only thing of interest was a polar bear apparently attempting to find its way home. When the rain did finally pass Areon scouted on the ground with Shadow guarding him; I took to the air to see if I could help watch I did notice three orcs, I think they were orcs, ahead of us. Being as everyone was back far enough to go unnoticed by these creatures I decided to wait and see what happens. The orcs, or whatever they were, eventually turned off the path into a settled area. I immediately landed and, having returned to my human form, informed Areon of the situation and we lead the group far enough around the settlement to avoid any confrontation without the rest of the party being any wiser. A couple of days later Areon did have to fight an ogre but the battle was finished before it began. The following evening we came to the city gates, and now we’re going to sleep indoors for a bit. This is going to be interesting.

Posted by Fred on August 1, 2004, 04:23 | Beowulf’s Journal