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Strange reunions and another sad parting

Rosorc’s Journal

Waking from a fog, I pulled myself off the ground. Being manacled really ticked me off. Being without my axe, armour, or ale sent me through the roof. Calling out for the others, I asked if everyone was all right. Hearing several responses, I went to work trying to break the chains binding me.

I tried both arm chains first. Neither gave at all. The chain binding my left leg held tight also. The chain on the right leg gave some but wouldn’t let loose all the way. I called to Clangeddin for assistance. Tried again. Realized these bindings were beyond my strength.

Walking forward, I approached the front of my cell. I then heard voices coming up the hall. Casually strolling up the hall with our jailers was our dear old friend Tassar. He was with the Illithid and two Bugbears. He was thanking the Illithid for capturing us, then tossed him a small sack. With a curt nod from him, they all turned and disappeared into the dark hall.

I could hear Deitricha whimpering and Theona griping. I was just plain irate. Heck, we had shared many flasks. That was and always will be the true bond amongst fighters. “You are worth my sharing what may possibly be my last drink.” To see that he betrayed my trust and loyalty was too much. A dark notch may have to be carved on my axe! ...If I ever get it back.

Coming out of my moment of thought, I heard the girls were out of their cells. Theona had found her way over to my cell and freed me. After I carried her to the front of Areon’s cell, I went back and picked up what were once my bonds and used the lock to form the chains into a form of flail.

Gathering everyone together after they were free, I led them around the corner to a doorway. Being as I was the only one with dark vision, it seemed the logical choice. Wanting my weapons and ale back made it the only choice for me.

Since the door was locked, we all jockeyed around in the dark to let Theona try to unlock it with her makeshift pick. It opened before she could even start. There, standing before us, were three hobgoblins.

Before the one could breathe I had ended its life with my new flail of death. The lock itself left an awful imprint on its skull as it crashed to the floor. Areon pushed past Theona and quickly dispatched another. As the third one started to run, Shadow gave chase and drug him to the floor somewhere in the distance. We heard Shadow yelp and then Beu called him back in earnest.

Our adversaries at hand being down, we quickly scavenged what we could off them. Small bits of armour, small shields, a key ring, and a few spears was the lot of it. Not much, but at least we were on the move again.

Throat dry, I started to hum a dwarven drinking song. After what seemed like everyone in the party hit me, I quit as quickly as I started. Shadow then darted back into the room looking very bad. I turned around just in time to see two Ogres charging up the hallway. Thinking it would be wise, I drove the door shut and held it while Theona locked it. Areon came over and helped me hold the door while the others searched for another way out..

Several minutes passed of Areon and me holding the door for all we were worth. Every few moments the ogres would slam into it. We would push against them. The door was definitely weakening though. Fearing it would break at any momentm we were glad when the girls called to us that they had found the alternate way out. On the count of three Areon and I ran for the other door. As we did, the door behind us exploded from its hinges.

As the ogres streamed though into the room we had just fled, I quickly slammed the next door and held it long enough for Theona to lock it. After it was locked, Areon and Beu held it as the rest of us went down the hatch that was in the floor behind the most god awful statue I had ever seen. I think what made it worse was all of the broken bones scattered at its feet.

Leading the way, I came down into a narrow passageway. Heading out, I followed it until it led out into the sunshine. Staring in disbelief, we were across the valley from the original Ettin’s cave we had entered.

Relieved everyone had escaped out of the tunnel unharmed, we quickly discussed what we should do. Here there were great differences of opinion. Areon and Beu were leaning towards us escaping across country to civilization. The rest of us wanted to go get our stuff back. There was no way we would make it a hundred-plus miles in undergarments and no real weapons or gear to mention.

After a few curt words, we decided just to find a place to hide and rest for the night. The night became very cold. Everyone was frozen to the bone by morning. The cold in my bones was worth it, though, because it made up our minds that we weren’t going anywhere without our gear.

Heading across the valley, we decided that Beu would transform into a bat again and we would search the caves by levels. Beu would travel ahead, and I would be his safety valve. If he got into trouble, he would fly back to me and I would cover him until he got to safety.

Everything went as planned. We made it all the way back to the room we had first had encountered the Illithid. We decided from here on out that we would stay in separate rooms to keep from performing a repeat. of our mistakes the first time around.

After several minutes of searching, Theona found a secret door. Upon opening it, we were quickly greeted by a pair of pissed-off Ogres. Areon and I killed the first one with a blow apiece. The second one fell to a group effort. All sorts of odd weapons and projectiles had battered him.

After he fell, we crept down the steps. At the bottom we found a door. It wasn’t locked. I pushed it open. Here the Bugbears were hiding with our old friend the mind flayer. Realizing I was closest, I charged forward and attacked the closest bugbear. It struggled briefly but then crumpled to the floor.

As the others engaged the second bugbear, I charged the mind flayer, Shadow right behind me. I chopped into its ribs with a heck of a blow as Shadow tore into his leg. I felt a strange tingling in my head, but I hollered to Clangeddin. The feeling passed. I swung again but I hit nothing but air. The mind flayer was gone.

We searched all over the room. Eventually we found a secret door. All of us were hoping our gear was stowed inside. Gathered in excitement, we didn’t even realize when Theona set off the trap......

All of us but Deitricha were in a large dark room. No door, windows, or any other form of exits could be found. Fitting that we escape one prison only to fall into another prison. I started to pace. Then the pacing led to worried humming. Then I realized Deitricha would come through for us. I had already seen her do some amazing things. For a human woman, of course.

About that time there was a large explosion. I fell from out of nowhere into a treasure room full of our Belongings! I was already holding my axe, trying to put on my armour, as I pulled my first draught of ale from my pack.

Then I noticed the sad faces. Areon’s cat was not moving. Deitricha was looking at him sadly and apologizing. She said that there was nothing she could do and that she was very sorry. Areon got quiet. Gathered up his little friend and his other belongings and headed out of the room.

We soon reached the outside. Fully geared and ready to take on the world, I followed Areon and the others to a peaceful spot where we laid another companion to rest.......

Posted by Erik on July 25, 2004, 00:40 | Rosorc’s Journal