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Darkness slips through the light

Rosorc’s Journal

Worn out, I pulled a large draught from my flask. Sadly it was now empty. A quick inventory of my belongings told me I was down to two flasks left. What is a dwarf to do? We definitely need to hit an Inn soon!

Gathering ourselves around the cooking pot on the fire pit, we decided it was definitely not Tassar bubbling away inside. It was a relief to everybody. That is not a way for any companion to go, even if he has spent plenty of time around a cooking pot in his day.

Since I was chosen for first watch, I decided to fill my empty four flasks in the store room we rested in. Deciding wine wasn’t my favorite drink, I split them; two full of wine and two full of water. I briefly closed my eyes and gave thanks to Clangeddin for all of his strength and guidance on this day.

Since that strange last dream I had, I have felt a little different. I was glad that the strange dreams and nightmares had stopped. Now, though, I had a strange burning within my heart and spirit. It was as if my spiritual fire had lit within me. Unsure of what to do, I figured I would just ride it out.

Beu was tapping me on my shoulder. “Huh?” I asked. “My watch,” he replied. With a nod I walked over to my pack. Deciding to skip my bed roll, I removed my armour, and lay down on the cave floor.


Awaking in the morning, I found a small blanket laying over me. Confused, I scanned the room. Seems Deitricha had risen earlier and had covered me with hers. She looked very sad, standing over by the barrels at the back of the store room. I rose and walked over to her.

“Here is your blanket,” I said, and then continued,”We will find him, he can’t be that far ahead of us.” She forced a smile and replied, “I hope.” She then stepped forward and laid her hands on me. Closing her eyes she started to mumble something. By the time she was done, all of my wounds that remained from yesterday had healed.

I took a piece of hardtack from my pack, gave some to her, and ate a little myself. Seeing that not only was my ale low, but I was down to three days’ rations left, I went over to the grain sacks and filled two small sacks full. I also filled a medium-sized sack with dried meat.

Placing everything back in my pack, I donned my armour, politely asking Beu for a helping hand on occasion. By the time I was done, everybody else had gotten around. All looked rested and healed, thanks to Deitricha’s healing spells.


Heading out, we walked back over to the now-open tunnel where we’d been attacked by that black blob. It was dark inside. Theona decided to lead the way to look for traps. I followed, as I could check for changes in the stone work or any stone traps she missed. Seems I am now the the new trap magnet with Tassar’s absence.

After a couple of minutes, we found ourselves at an intersection. Unsure of what to do, Beu offered up changing into a bat again and scouting for us. Everyone agreed that it would be most helpful. All of us shuffled around in the small hallway while he was gone. To my suprise, his wolf Shadow sat where he had asked him to the whole time he was gone.

After what seemed like an eternity Beu returned. After his retransformation he told of us of his findings. Seems there were a lot of nasties up ahead. He said there was a room full of small humanoids, another with three gnolls, and another with a large beast with a bull’s head.. He also mentioned two locked doors that he couldn’t search past.

We quickly decided to go right. We would pass the large bull-headed creature first and head towards the closest locked door. Travelling in darkness, Theona and Areon went first, followed by Deitricha, Beu, and Shadow. I said I would go last. Since there were many foes here, I would cover our back a little better with my dark vision to aid me. Plus the fact that I am as quiet as a walking Smithy! At least this way, if he heard me, the others should have already passed to safety.

As with everything in life, it seems the best plans always go awry. After traveling a short distance down the hall we all heard a large “snorting” noise. Then I heard Theona yelp and suddenly someone pulled their torch. Ahead, a large Minotaur had charged out of its lair and was attacking Areon and Theona.

I hollered at Deitricha and Beu to move out of my way. They quickly obliged me by darting down a side hall. Shadow was right on his master’s heels. A clear charging lane opened up. Taking full advantage, I was upon the Minotaur in a moment it seemed. I took a large over hand chop.

Unfortunately I missed. So I quickly took a step back, trying to bait the Minotaur out of the hallway that was giving him a fighting advantage. He obliged us nicely. Just as a large Dire Rat charged out of the side hallway in front of us, both Areon and I swung as soon as the Minotaur popped out into the open. Both of our attacks rang true, because when we retracted our weapons the Minotaur slumped lifelessly to the floor.

Amazed, I watched as the small Dire Rat ran right over the fallen Minotaur and charged at the noises coming from within in his lair. I was quickly distracted, though, by the sounds of goblins charging me from behind.

I turned and rushed up into the hallway I had just left. There I set up shop; I didn’t want to let them into the larger room to swarm me. The first couple dropped in a row. While there was a break in the action, I stepped forward so I could be near the the corner in the passageway. As I did, another goblin and a gnoll rolled around into my killing zone. It took two swings and they were both dispatched..

Soon I heard Deitricha behind me. She hollered that the others were also fighting Goblins and Dire Rats. It was nice at least to have someone watching my back. Especially an accomplished healer at that.

As I turned back around, there seemed to be no more foes coming around the corner. So I ran around it and ran smack into a goblin and a gnoll. Seems that here there was another intersection, so they had reversed my plans on me. Now they had the tactical advantage.

A gnoll quickly hit me with his mace, as two goblin spears glanced off my legs. Having no time to decide who to hit first I lowered my weapon and did a massive spinning attack. When I had stopped my momentum neither of them were still standing.

But they were quickly replaced by another like pair of foes. I tried the same attack but this time it didn’t work. My axe clanged off the stone wall above the goblin’s head. Momentarily dizzy, the two took advantage of my miss. Each struck me with their weapons. Neither blow was particularly heavy, though they did manage to make me lose my composure.

Screaming, ”Clangeddin!”, I turned around and went on a killing spree. I never stopped swinging. First a goblin fell to my axe. Then another dropped with terror in his eyes as I split him in two. A gnoll could only wimper as my axe tore through his soft midsection, sending him to meet his maker.

One last goblin quivered before me. His body seemed to split at the seams as I took him with an upper cut. Thinking I was done, I raised my visor, only to be struck by a short sword from behind. It was a blow that rang true. In a lot of pain I spun to find a Gnome fighter there with a bloody weapon and a crazed look on his face.

I swung my weapon for all I was worth, and at the same time Areon was there swinging also. When our momentum stopped, all there was was a small crumpled red smear on the floor. Not even a twitch from his dead body.


After Beu and Deitricha healed up our wounds and Theona searched the bodies for loot, we decided to go search the original locked door we were on the way to before we were so rudely interrupted. This time we made it to the door without incident.

When we pushed the door open, we were facing two Bugbears. Areon and Theona charged into the room to attack the one. I quickly followed and attacked the other. Deitricha was right behind me, with Beu and Shadow trying to get through the doorway.

We definitely had the advantage; the Bugbears were being torn up. Then, something really weird happened. A Mind Flayer stepped out of what seemed to be the wall itself, and all of the sudden my world went blank.


I awoke in a cell. Not a very large one at that. I was stripped of my armour and weapons. I yelled in anger. Someone had taken my prize possessions. They would definately pay. It took three years of working as a caravan guard to finally afford my armour.

They also had taken my ale. Someone was definitely going to be hurt. Crouching in the corner of my cell I started to sing. A song that reverbated through my very soul as my mood grew dark and angry. The time of troubles rolled from my lips......

“....Greatly outnumbered the sky had grown dark...Hushed whispers of fear ran through their hearts...Clutching their axes and swords to their breasts...the Dwarves and the Elves braced themselves for death...From on high the horns sounded as the dark horde came...Driving the valiant defenders from life to their grave...Their mates and their young they fought to save..That last heroic stand on that ill-fated day...Their sparse numbers dwindled yet they fought on...Any glimmer of hope was quickly gone...Laying defeated both dwarf and elf bled...Eyes going dark and no thoughts left in their heads...Still clutching their axes and swords to their breast...These unknown warriors’ souls went to rest...”

Finishing my song, I closed my eyes and asked Clangeddin what I should do. After several moments a plan rolled through my mind. Now only if I could contact the others.

Posted by Erik on July 4, 2004, 08:44 | Rosorc’s Journal