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Hunt for the comrade named Tassar

Rosorc’s Journal

As a human male stepped out of the woods, he quickly threw up his hands to show he wasn’t a threat of any kind. Still a little wary, I held my crossbow ready. He said that he was a protector of the forest.

Theona and Areon, after seeing his holy symbol of Mielikki, spoke at length to him about our situation. He agreed to be a guide through the area as he was a protector of the Moonwood. He seemed all right until his wolf came walking out of the woods. Lucky for it, it sat down at his feet and did not move. Though I think it could tell I didn’t like it one bit at all. Heck, my armour was still covered in blood from the wolf I just had slain.

Tassar and I were joking back and forth about, “How great it was to have another “Elf” in the party.” We were cut short, though, by a death stare from Deitricha. Tassar said to her,”We know he is a human, right?” Then we both burst into laughter.

From what we gathered, his name Beowulf. Tassar and I just couldn’t bring ourselves to use it. Seems Beu or Bo stuck. Which was much better than some of the others we had contrived. Barbara was one of the better ones, though we were sure it wouldn’t have gone over well with the others.

We were laughing up a storm when I realized that I was truly happy again after a long time. I don’t know where it came from, but the light that burnt within me was growing stronger. I could sense a change in my inner spirit. My inner strength was growing.

Mood lost, we decided to set up watches and rest for the night. Since I had first watch I found a large rock to plant myself on. I looked up to the sky. The stars shone with an amazing brightness. Being attentive to my duties, I tried not to wander too far in thought.

As soon as it started, it seemed my watch was over. Tassar tapped me on the shoulder and said he was to take over. We kind of chuckled as we both mouthed Barbara at the same time. Turning away, I pulled out my bedroll, then returned it to my pack. “The ground would do me good, tonight,” I thought.

As I awoke in the morning, I heard Dietricha sobbing off to my right. The others were gathered around Theona who was reading a small piece of parchment to the others. Seems Tassar bolted in the middle of the night. He left some sort of note saying his rent was late. I didn’t buy it for a moment.

He wouldn’t have left Deitricha over rent. We had talked too many times in the past few weeks for me to even begin to believe this. I walked away from the others. “Something is amiss here,” I mumbled out loud. All I could figure was that it had something to do with our group’s inner rumblings over the last few days.

Hoping I was wrong, I returned to the others in time to finish the discussion on what to do. We were going to continue on our way home. We were hoping to catch up to Tassar on the way.

After many roads were discussed, we decided to travel to the east of the Moonwood. That way we could stop by Citadel Felbarr, and I could share the information of the lost Dwarven stronghold presently being held by - ughh!! Orcs and Drow.

Heading out, Areon took point. Beu’s wolf followed after we gave him a sniff of Tassar’s scent. It didn’t take long before the two of them found Tassar’s tracks. The rest of us followed along. We traveled for a couple of hours when Areon found a set of giant tracks.

Here’s where Tassar’s tracks ended. Even a novice like myself could tell there was a struggle here. Quickly we decided as a group to go see if Tassar was still alive.

It was only a short way to the cave. Tracks led in and out. Areon snuck into the cave. After a short time he returned. He told us about an Ettin sitting by a fire pit stirring a cooking pot. Here Deitricha started to whimper.

Beu offered up that he could shape change. He changed into a bat and searched the cave for us. When he returned, he offered up valuable information. Deciding a direct assault would be unwise, we decided on me going in.

Since there were two Ettins by Beu’s descriptions, I walked into the cave calling out for Tassar. Knowing I would be noticed immediately, I was ready to bolt for the cave entrance. I was not prepared for the Ettin’s speed. He must have heard me coming, for as soon as I hollered out he was on me, swinging two massive morning stars.

Luckily for me he missed with the first one. The second one went so far askew it hit the ceiling of the cave. I had to dive aside as large hunks of rock fell from the ceiling. Getting back to my feet, I bolted out of the cave. Knowing my friends were set up off to the left, I led the Ettin to the right.

Turning I stopped in my tracks. Dropping my visor I pulled my axe. As the ettin came out of the cave I let out a burst of dwarven song. “Axe be sharp / Hand be true / Split this giant / right in two...Stout and steady / A dwarf.....” My song fell from my lips as the Ettin’s first mighty blow landed on my shoulder. The weight of the morningstar almost drove me to my knees.

Undaunted, I stepped in with a low swing of my axe. I caught the Ettin in the knee. I suffered two more glancing blows. Then I heard the grunts as the missile weapons started landing on the Ettin from my friends.

Making the situation worse, the second Ettin appeared in the cave entrance. Now I was dodging four massive morningstars. I caught the original Ettin with a solid chop to its right thigh. As I pulled back to swing again, it fell backwards with an arrow sticking out of its throat.

The second Ettin let loose with two massive swings. One caught me in my other shoulder. A jarring blow, to say the least! Luckily for me, its other morningstar flew out of its hand as I caught it in the chest with a mighty chop. Then I was hit by an arrow and a sling round. Realizing my friends were trying their best, I fought on.

It started to retreat. As I started to follow it, I noted that for some reason my wounds kept healing every now and then. Not that I was complaining, but it was a little unnerving. Stepping back into the cave, I swung my axe again. This time I missed. Then Theona appeared at my side, her rapier in hand..

The Ettin hit Theona with a glancing blow. As she staggered back I caught the Ettin with a death blow to the neck. Its eyes rolled up in its head as it fell backwards. Shuddering once, it grew still.

The others came running in. Deitricha came over to heal me and Theona. The area secured, everyone followed Deitricha in to search for Tassar. Theona and Areon searched the store room. Beu and his wolf searched the cooking pot and I went to piton the door in the other room Beu had told us about.

As I approached the door, two long black appendages reached out and grabbed ahold of me. Yanking me with incredible strength they slammed me off the door twice, really rattling my head. I pulled back for all I was worth but it wasn’t enough. The monstrosity kept its hold.

Yelling to Clangeddin for strength, I renewed my efforts. Hearing my shouts, the others came to my aid. Struggling, I managed to get free. Falling back far enough to catch my wind, I saw Areon was now caught by this beast. Theona was trying to help free him. With a great pull they were successful, though Areon now looked as beat as I did. Whatever this thing is, it is incredibly powerful.

Before we could all move back, Beu was caught by an appendage. He was in deep trouble, by the looks of him. I quickly tossed a flask of oil at the doorway/monster. It broke all over it. Theona quickly lit an arrow for Areon who fired it into the beast. It quickly lit up like a bonfire.

Beu was still trying to break free when I threw my second flask of oil. By the guidance of Clangeddin it broke open on Beu, allowing him to break free with the new found slipperyness covering him.

We all backed up against the far wall. Dropping to the ground, the large black blob started coming towards us. All of us fired our missile weapons at it as we retreated. Unfortunately for Deitricha it briefly grabbed hold of her before she could break free. You could tell it had put a hurting on her.

Now we had backed all of the way back to the fire pit. Still firing rounds, I raised my crossbow one last time and with a with a final shot it stopped moving. All of us breathed a sigh of relief.

All of us were badly injured. None of us could go on any farther without a rest. The full day’s march and the two large fights were just too much. We retreated into the small room in the cave where the Ettins had kept their supplies and took a rest. All of us promising Deitricha as soon as we started back out that we would continue the look for Tassar.

Posted by Erik on June 19, 2004, 16:30 | Rosorc’s Journal