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Was It Something We Said?

Deitricha’s Journal

Differences forgotten for the moment, we stood with weapons drawn as a human in studded leather armor stepped from the woods, hands raised. I could see a holy symbol of Meilikki around his neck, which was a good sign. Upon questioning, he explained that he both lived and travelled in the area; in short, a Druid. He also has a wolf with him, but this one is regular-sized, black, and follows his directions. Shadow seems very nice, but won’t let Tassar ride on him.

Beowulf agreed to travel with us for at least part of our journey; no offense to Areon’s skills, but travelling near the Moonwood with a local seems wise. We settled down to rest for the night, and as we set watches, I noticed something odd. Rosorc was not watching Theona like he used to. I wonder when that happened? Before we left the mountain, or after he was chopping on the tree? I fell asleep while pondering.

Early in the morning, the elves woke me so I could pray at my proper time. By the time the rest of the party was stirring, they’d found that Tassar was gone, and a note was stuck to the ground. It said something about his rent being due back in Silverymoon! I was really upset; he didn’t even leave it to me, or say anything, just took off! Was it me? Was it the ongoing discussion with Theona? All I could do was beg Areon to check for tracks. Soon, we were following an errant halfling down the old dwarven road.

While we walked, we talked about which way to take to go around the Moonwood and reach the inn where our horses might still be at (I know they have probably been sold by now, but perhaps not all of them!). We decided to travel east, both being the quicker route, and one that would pass a dwarven stronghold, Feldbar; Rosorc wants to tell them that the old citadel is there, and full of orcs and drow!

I prayed to Tymora, deciding that if we didn’t catch up with Tassar before we had to turn east, I’d wish him luck in his travels and let him go. It was his own decision, after all. I have to respect that. Naturally, about that time, Areon found signs of a scuffle, and that the halfling had been carried off to the east by a giant! The whole party quickly followed, but only reached the giants’ probable cave as the sun went down. We hid nearby, watching the entrance, and I offered Areon one of the potions I’ve been carrying; it is supposed to help him see in the dark. He snuck off to check the place out and was soon back with news that the cave was lit, and used by ettin! He gave me the potion back, while I cried, sure my friend was dead.

Theona pointed out to me that Tassar has certainly survived worse situations, while the others discussed ways to lure the ettin out so they could sneak in and search. I feared it would be far too dangerous to try, when Beowulf offered to change shape and try it! I suggested some kind of regular and ignorable cave dweller; a bat or a snake. He changed into a pretty big bat and was off. Soon, he returned to tell us that the cave had two rooms off the main space, one for storage and one with a door in it. And only two ettin to fight, unless more behind the door! He didn’t see Tassar, but we tried to think that a good thing. Rosorc headed for the entrance while the rest of us stood off to one side.

Rosorc decided to play dumb, in hopes that the ettin would be lured out without calling for help. He walked into the cave, shouting Tassar’s name. He quickly came backing out as, with a crash of stone, an ettin charged out after him! Rosorc stood his ground, trading blows with the two-headed giant, while the rest of us stood at a distance and shot it with everything we had. The next ettin quickly arrived, so we shot at both. Theona broke her bowstring and pulled out her wand, which didn’t go off. Did she use it up already?

Areon shot the first ettin to death, and I hit Rosorc with my sling again. Sorry, Rosorc! As he waded into battle with the next ettin, Beowulf shot a ray of some kind at him, which healed him! I was amazed. As Areon and I shot at the ettin, Beowulf managed to heal Rosorc several times before accidentally hitting the ettin instead. Theona tried to throw a dagger and failed miserably, and I managed to hit her pretty hard with a sling bullet - we all needed some luck! Finally, she tried the wand again, and it did go off one more time; it even hit the ettin and not Rosorc. The ettin then tried to back into the cave, but Rosorc charged after it. Theona pulled out her rapier and followed; I was close behind, ready to heal. Rosorc dropped the thing and I healed him again, while the others began to search the cave.

We split up to check everything quickly (and I pray the stew in the pot over the fire isn’t Tassar), but soon we were all racing for the cave with the door - which had suddenly grown tentacles and was squeezing Rosorc to death! He pulled himself free, but then it grabbed Areon. Areon got loose when Beowulf stabbed the door, but then Beowulf got caught. Rosorc pulled out a flask of oil and smashed it on the door, and the elves set it on fire with a well-placed flaming arrow. Rosorc then hit Beowulf with a flask, which helped him get free, too. I was all for running at that point!

The others decided to kill the thing, though, hoping that it was defending something important. Areon shot the door, I healed Rosorc and Beowulf, and Theona accidentally shot herself with the wand of enfeeblement. Rosorc shot the door, too, at which point it detached itself from the wall (exposing an empty passage behind), and came after us all! We all ran from the flaming ooze. It hit me as I ran, but thenkfully I struggled free from its grasp. We turned to fight it in the main cavern, and our “luck” held when Areon broke his bowstring too. Thankfully, Theona hit it with her wand, and Rosorc’s last crossbow bolt caused it to collapse.

Still no sign of Tassar. On with the search?

Posted by Kate on June 15, 2004, 11:36 | Deitricha’s Journal