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Unexpected Problems

Deitricha’s Journal

Staggering away from the pile of orc and boar bodies, we followed Areon to a ravine, protected by overhanging rock from prying eyes. Although it was cold, we quickly settled down and slept. It was a quiet night, and after praying in the morning, I was able to heal everyone at least partially. Happily, everyone decided to stay another day so I could finish the job.

This was when I noticed that our food supplies were getting low. Rosorc was kind enough to give me some of his rations, and Theona and Areon went foraging while we rested. As the sunlight began to fade, they returned, carrying food and news - guttural voices nearby! Tassar, after staying put all day, was absolutely bent upon going to check the voices out. The rest of us were appalled. Our arguments had no effect; he was soon clambering out of the ravine. Rosorc asked me to help him put his armor back on, and we settled in to see if the halfling would bring the wrath of the unknown down upon us.

Areon had sent his blue cat to follow Tassar; after some hours, both he and Theona decided to sneak after them and see what had happened. I don’t know if they were more worried about the cat or my halfling! Rosorc wanted to go, too, but I was afraid that he and I would be too loud; neither of us are very good at keeping quiet and hidden. Neither is Tassar, for that matter; I wondered why we hadn’t heard any scuffle? The elves soon returned with the answer. Tassar was watching three ogres, able to be quiet because he was in the nude. I decided to try and get some sleep.

Morning came with no disturbance; I prayed yet again. As I finished my healing duties, I realized I’d been listening for some time to Tassar berating the elves for “making noise” and “disturbing” the ogres. He also wanted back into the dwarven (now orcish) stronghold, which the elves rapidly vetoed! We packed up and headed back to the road, the elves in the lead. Tassar walked with me, teaching me many rude things to call an elf. Loud enough for the elves to hear. Apparently, Theona called him something very bad last night, that translates as “not people”, and he was rubbing it in that we’re not worthy to be in their presence. I guess it was past time for some of our races’ issues to crop up.

Further on, Areon pointed to some giants’ tracks crossing the road. Tassar lay down in one and decided that these were fine opponents to fight! I asked him to think about the implications of
lying in a footprint. So, we all continued, with Tassar muttering a lot about tall people. I realized he didn’t mean the giant and cried a little, while Rosorc offered him ale and food to console him. Evening came, and Areon found us a camp in the trees that were appearing at lower altitudes. I thanked him for his efforts, since Theona, Tassar, and Rosorc had gotten into another discussion.

Unfortunately, every time Theona tried to explain the meaning of the phrase she’d used, she dug herself in deeper. I understood, and even found it a little funny to see Tassar actually getting under her skin, but apparently Rosorc was taking it more seriously. Although it was dark and the wolves were howling, he stalked off into the woods and began chopping down a tree. While the elves winced at each thud, Tassar sat by the fire, sipping ale and grinning. But then, the chopping stopped. Tassar and I ran into the darkness to find him.

Rosorc was at the base of a tree, silently fighting with a dire wolf, who had him on the ground and was biting him repeatedly. We saw an arrow hit, and turned to see Theona lower her bow as she was struck by another dire wolf. As it pulled her down, Areon swung into the fight! Tassar, too, despite everything, turned back to help them, yelling, “Bad doggie!” I stayed with Rosorc, hoping I could help. As I heard the second wolf’s death gurgle by the campfire, Rosorc hacked the first wolf to death. He stood up, ignoring his wounds, and began to chop at the tree again. I begged him to stop, to not bring more attention down on us, and healed him up between swings, but all the answer I got was something about being Tassar’s woman, already. What? Of course, Tassar was shouting something down the hill at me, so I gave in and started to cry again. I have no idea what they’re talking about!

Naturally, in the middle of this scene, there came a rustling from the trees nearby. Everyone came to attention and aimed their weapons at the new danger!

Posted by Kate on June 14, 2004, 11:11 | Deitricha’s Journal