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A weight lifted and love lost

Rosorc’s Journal

Staggering into an alcove, we took refuge under a small overhang. Besides being saddened by our friend’s death, we were also badly battered. Setting watches, we decided to lay low for a couple of days to heal up. We passed the first day trying to rest, while watching and hoping we wouldn’t have to face another orc patrol party.

Deitricha prayed, Tassar ate and mumbled about his quickly disappearing rations, the elves sat together mumbling stuff back and forth, and I sat in melancholy, staring out beyond my surroundings.

I had noticed a small rift forming amongst our group. Seems no one likes being compared to a shovel or a crossbow. Tassar had been mumbling to himself a lot lately. His mood has been contagious; I have found my mood darkening.

My lady love has seemingly found the favour of another. At least if it is as it appears. Not to mention the constant belittling of the non elven members of our group. Seems none of us wish to be called non people or tool ever again.

I fought sleep, as I knew the nightmares and/ or dreams would be back. I tried to make conversation. With each attempt I found myself becoming more and more aggravated. Being talked down to by what I believe to be friends and companions is something I really don’t understand.

Before I blew up, I decided to close my eyes and risk the omnipresence lingering within the depth of my inner self. Several minutes passed. Then I finally succumbed to my exhaustion....


The cave was beyond dark, and yet I followed her. Her voice lured me as a moth to a lantern. Aimlessly I stumbled on, rose clutched tightly in my hand.

When my stamina had reached its end I fell to my knees. Beckoned by my lady love, I crawled on, holding the rose I carried for her in my teeth. Soon my every muscle ached. Time seemed to crawl, yet I followed the melodious voice.

Then, I collapsed. Body spent and strength gone, I cried out hoarsely to my lady love. There was no answer. No answer at all.

As I lay there I began to sob. Lost and alone I called out to Clangeddin. I begged for his strength and his resolve. I begged for answers to questions I didn’t understand.

Although I thought had given up hope, I felt light grow within me. My sweat, exhaustion, and my confusion slowly started to fade. Then, as if from a forge’s flame, the darkness melted around me.

A burly male dwarf stood over me and offered me his hand. As he pulled me to my feet, I felt as well as I had ever felt in my life. As I stood before him he spoke to me in an old dialect almost forgotten in the realms. Touching my forehead he said,”Be thee gone master of deceit and trickery. This one is one of mine. You shall have no more fun here. I drive you out and leave a mark for where you can’t return.” Aas he finished, he removed his hand.

My knees buckled and my head cleared. Peace touched the dark spots I have endured of late. With a warm smile and a nod, the dwarf turned his back and stepped into the darkness........

Waking up, I realized the elves were gone. I was surprised to hear it was night again already. Seems I had slept nearly a full day. Gathering myself, I asked Deitricha, “Where has Tassar gone? Is he with the elves?”

“I guess,” she replied, and then continued, “He went out to see some ogres. They went out to make sure he was all right.” “Maybe I should go help him,” I said.

After a long argument Deitricha convinced me she needed defended while the others were away. Not to mention that I would be as quiet as a herd of charging dire boars.

So I settled back in and dozed back off. Amazingly, I slept without dream or nightmare.

When I awoke I rolled over to find the group in heated discussion again. Tassar was in strong argument with Theona over her language and its disrespect of the other party members. Deitricha was trying to keep the peace.

After everything settled down, we decided to head out. Areon took point and we followed towards the woods. We traveled all day without incident. As evening settled in we started to look for a place to rest.

Tassar had started another argument. Seems things were getting pretty heated. As I got myself involved I noticed something odd. There was no glow to Theona. My heart didn’t pang at all as I put in my two cents. I too was tired of being treated like a second rate citizen.

By the time I was done my ears rung and my brow pulsed. I really needed to vent. As it grew dark I walked from the camp we made. Alone, I pulled my axe.

I raised it and struck the nearest tree for all I had. Then I set to a rythmic pace of chopping. Slowly I started to ease out of the foul mood I was in.

That was when I was hit from behind. A horse sized wolf dragged me to the ground. I didn’t yell, although his bite tore into me. I did roll and swing as I lay on the ground. Hitting true, I tried to stand. It was too fast; it kept me on the ground. As I recieved another bite I could hear a yell from camp.

Seems they were fighting a wolf of their own. Not one to leave work undone, I quickly struck the wolf again. Here I heard an arrow strike true to the wolf as it bit me again. Seems it was trying to drag me off when I struck its skull with one final killing blow.

Rising to my feet, my axe still dripping with blood, I turned to a rustling in the weeds just beyond our camp........

Posted by Erik on June 14, 2004, 09:37 | Rosorc’s Journal