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A Group of Adventurers

Beowulf’s Journal

People from the city just don’t make any sense. I came across a group of adventurers that appeared to be lost. Apparently a dwarf called Rosorc was upset about something this Theona, an elf, had said. Well, instead of dealing with it directly he decided to attract attention to himself by attacking a tree. That is an atrocity I felt it wiser to let be than deal with. May Mielikki forgive me for this, but sometimes you need to chose which battles you will fight. Not every closed eye is asleep, and people tend to talk while on watch. You can discover a lot— like Deitricha, a human, and Tassar, a halfling, being a couple. I guess if it worked for them— at about that point in the discussion I did fall asleep. With Shadow at my back for warmth and a beautiful night above, I felt relaxed around this bunch. Strange I know, but they do seem like good people.

In the morning I woke to a voice asking where Tassar was. Deitricha was a cross between panicked and angry. She was obviously worried about him while being angry that he just left. There was a note— something about rent being due. Areon, another elf, explained to me that sometimes people pay others to live in a home that is not theirs. Now personally I’d prefer sleeping under the stars. Or a nice cave if the weather is bad. Well, anyway Shadow found a scent and Areon found Tassarís trail so with Shadow guarding Areon they took the lead and we followed. After most of the day it seemed Tassarís travels had taken him in the direct path of a giant of some type. Afraid we’d be too late, but hoping nonetheless, we followed the giantís tracks to its lair. After some talk I turned into a small bat and went in to get an idea of the situation. It didn’t look good. I found 2 ettins, a closed door, and a pot on the fire. After I flew out and informed my companions of the situation a plan of attack was soon formed.

Rosorc lured an ettin out of the cave, and by the sounds of it, almost took the cave out with him. Once outside several of us hit it with a mixture of arrows, bolts, and sling bullets. After taking a few hits Rosorc was looking a little beat, so I healed him from a distance. I do need to be careful though, because on the fourth time doing that I accidentally hit the second ettin that came out to fight. Rosorc was still able to drop it though.

After the battle was over, Deitricha rushed in to find Tassar, but all we found was a pot of stew; either we were to late for him, or he had found a way to escape. The next thing I knew there was a loud noise coming from where the door is and thinking it’s another ettin I ran to help Rosorc who had already gone that way to check it out. Getting there I was a bit confused. Apparently the door itself was attacking Rosorc. In seconds we were all there and as soon as Rosorc was freed I went up to attack only to be held fast by some type of tentacles. Some oil came flying from behind hitting the door, and soon a flaming arrow followed lighting the oil. Then I was hit by oil, which actually helped me to escape the tentacles. I backed up a bit, as did the travelers, and the door dissolved into a puddle and came after us. We fought as we retreated, eventually destroying it. I’m not sure what they want to do now, but I think resting for the night should be a part of the plan.

Posted by Fred on June 14, 2004, 08:08 | Beowulf’s Journal