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Time for a Nap

William’s Journal

We traveled for a bit down one of the corridors obviously lost in this labyrinth of a fortress. As we traveled I decided to watch for any creatures from above being as Tassar had an encounter with one. I did see a large opening in the ceiling at one point but Rosorc said it appeared to be from an already spent trap. Walking a few feet further I saw what he meant. A large cylinder of stone had apparently come to rest rather abruptly at the end of this hall and apparently taken someone with it many years ago. Shortly after seeing this someone spotted a rust monster. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I soon found out as booth my shield and armor rusted off me before my very eyes. A couple of spells and a few well-placed arrows took care of them, but the damage was already done. Being as we couldn’t stop or turn back we went forward. Theona I think found a secret door and we looked inside. I was the last one in and figured we’d be safer if the door was closed. Soon I heard sounds of combat and entering this room I saw Tassar and Rosorc battling an Earth elemental. I kept out of its reach, casting spells as best I could watching the 2 fighters fall over get healed and fall again. Then Theona cast enfeeblement on it with her wand and the elemental was soon defeated. We then had to rest and tend to our wounds.

Early the next day Tassar had got a bit anxious to be on and fell into another pit trap. I don’t know what all happened to him while he was down there, but when we got him back he had a black longsword and matching dagger. All I heard him say was Drow, and then he passed out. Deitricha carried him as we worked our way through the hidden chambers and found what appeared to be a barracks filled with spider webs. Of course with webs comes spiders and the battle was on. Rosorc got the poison this time but we were able to dispatch them before it got to really affect him. We decided to rest here another day being as both our fighters were currently impaired. The next day Rosorc went one way while the rest of us went the other. We didn’t get 50 feet hen we opened a door containing 4 creatures with beastlike heads, a red robed wizard and apparently a scribe of some type. Tassar, Theona and I went in, then I remembered I had no armor, so I just as quickly left thinking I would be safer with people between me and them. Thatís when I saw Rosorc and Areon running down the hall towards me. The next thing I know everything went black. When I could see again I saw a crossbow bolt coming right for me. Suddenly a nap seemed like a good idea and I drifted off to oblivion.

I was very surprised to awaken to my companionsí faces instead of a priestess standing over me about to sacrifice me to some evil god. There was some armor lying around from the drow and it fit nicely. Now I just wait for everyone to wake up and hopefully this headache will be gone by then.

Posted by Fred on May 23, 2004, 02:37 | William’s Journal