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Rooms Full of Orcs

William’s Journal

The thing Tassar had found was a room full of orcs apparently eating dinner. We caught them by surprise and things were going well until I saw 2 large ogres enter. I hit one 2 or 3 times with different spells before it got me. I stayed alert and watched Tassar finish it off. He hollered a number at Rosorc who yelled a higher number back. They really need to get over who kills more, but what can you expect from fighters. The room was cleared soon enough and we ventured further. A door on our right led to another door with the mentioning of drow on it so we decided to leave that alone and check the kitchen. We got there just in time to hear Tassar yell, “the stew is mine.” There apparently were only a couple of orcs coming because they were all dead before I entered the room. We followed the hall these orcs came from only to be ambushed by crossbow bolt. The battle was on again and all I had left was cantrips. Fortunately that was all I needed. Rosorc fell into the only pit and as I went forward to help him out I was hit by a flying orc.

The next thing I new Deitricha was helping me to my feet and we were talking about a large door. Being unable to open it we turned back to the great hall we found earlier that morning. Checking the different doors we eventually found an altar to one of the dwarven gods. On this altar was the most amazing war axe I’ve ever seen. We left Rosorc alone with it and after a bit he emerged with a new weapon; unfortunately Tassar was gone again. He came running back into his hall we are now in gasping for air. He attempted to explain what he saw, but no one understood him. Tassar and Rosorc then went to investigate, but Deitricha cut that short so we are resting here for now. I hope we find our way out soon; I’d like to see the sun again.

Posted by Fred on May 2, 2004, 03:51 | William’s Journal