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From Where Dreams May Come

Rosorc’s Journal

Sleep took me but I didn’t rest. I had a dream.. Well what I think was a dream. It was so real.

......as I walked from our bed chamber, I passed down the hall to our dining room. It was a large, decorative room. My whole family was gathered around our feasting table. Each brought joy to my heart. My lovely wife Theona was teaching our children their lessons.

Raising her eyes, she gave me a wonderful smile. Alaysia Alana, our sweet and beautiful daughter, jumped up and ran over to give me a hug. A little angel, she could be the spitting image of her mother. Long flowing hair, neatly brushed, her thin frame, and an incredible smile. You could see all of her mother’s elven traits. Releasing her hug, she asked,”Are you going to be joining us, Father?” A quick nod, a peck on her forehead, and then I dropped into the nearest open chair.

Theroduin, our son, asked,”Will you and Mother be leaving again, soon? You know you have just returned home from your last trip.” Taking my time answering, I admired my son. A fine young man he was. He was a cross somewhere between my grandfather and myself. Dark hair and coal black eyes. Rather tall for a dwarf, but very broad and powerful already for his young age. You could swear that he was already starting to grow some stubble on that chin of his.

I started to ponder his question as the servants began to bring in lunch. Shooting an inquisitive glance to my wife, she nodded her head yes. Sad that we had to leave the children so soon, myself, I told him,”Yes, my boy, but we will return shortly. Of course, with presents for all!”

Alaysia Alana’s eyes lit up. She also had her mother’s appetite for the finer things in life.......

Standing in the rock garden, you could feel the power and blessing of Berronar Truesilver in this place. Even though Delzoun had been long abandoned. As I stood there in this long forgotten holy place, I called out for her to hear my plea. I opened my heart and mind. I asked her for what I wished for most. Almost sad when I was finished with my prayer, as I believed it was impossible if not just improbable for it to come true.

Little did I know that the full moon outside had reached its apex. That magic ran thick in the air of this old and powerful shrine. As I lowered my head and returned to my watch, I never even noticed the two interlocking silver circles that had appeared on the rocks below my feet, and then within the same instant, were gone.

......”Please hurry back Father,” Alaysia Alana whispered. “I will, my dear, I will,” I said. Then continued as I messed up the hair on Theroduin’s head,”Take care of your sister, my boy.” Theona was giving them both hugs as we left our humble abode in Silvery Moon. Walking out to the stable, we waved one last time before we headed out for the mission at hand......

Wandering off, I travelled the halls of Delzoun. It was as if I had first-hand knowledge of this place where I had never been. I passed through many common areas. I saw our family crest, the Ironfeld Crest, hung in the great hall and several other places along the way. After seeming to travel hours through Delzoun, I came to a rather large door.

Etched right into the stone of the door was our family crest. More than a little curious, I pushed the door open. Inside was a very large, lavish dwelling. Now this wasn’t an Ironsmith’s lodging. I walked through the door into plush decour. There were many books on shelves and scattered about a low table. One, left open, caught my interest. It was the family tree of the Ironfeld lineage from eons back. Sitting down, I skimmed through page after page, not stopping till I reached a page that shook me to my inner core.

“Rosorc and Theona Ironfeld, No descendants” The scariest thing of all was that the passage was penned 3200 years prior. How did they know? What did they know? Putting the book in my pack to show the others, I investigated the rest of the rooms in my ancestor’s dwelling.

......”Ro’ dear, do you think the children will ever figure out our secret?” Theona asked as we rode along. Caught off guard, I nearly fell off my light war horse, Cadderly. Now I was wondering which secret of many my lovely wife meant. Still stumbling for words, she continued,”Eventually someone in the Realms will tell them that it isn’t natural to have an elf and a dwarf born as twins.”

Slowing my mount down, I turned to her and replied thoughtfully,”They are but ten and five winters old. Though I have feared this myself of late. How do we tell our children that they are born of their parents’ love and the magic of the gods only?” Then I continued on,”When would they be ready to accept the prophecy of their birth?” Upon the mention of the prophecy Theona lowered her head in thought as we rode towards our goal.....

Every room in the dwelling seemed to be set up in 2 different sizes. Confused, I walked into what must have been the study. Standing slack jawed I stood there staring at what could only be paintings of myself and the fair Lady Theona on the wall, but dressed in the garb of a much older time. After brushing off this shock, I continued on to what had to be the master bedroom of the house. Here I found a diary of what had to have been Theona’s - or the lady’s of the house, I think.

I was very confused at this point. Not knowing whose diary it was, I skimmed it. It seems the writer and her husband had been very sad for a very long time. That they had not been able to have children in their long marriage. That the grief was slowly killing her, now that her husband was reaching old age.

Here I went kind of fuzzy. I felt light headed and started to black out. Before I went out I caught a glimpse of a very strange thing....

A strong and powerful dwarven matron was standing above me. She was talking with a very thin and beautiful elven woman. Both had the glow of magic as they weaved their hands above me. Seems as they spoke they were dead set that they weren’t going to fail this time. That a debt would be repaid, and a prophecy would be fulfilled.

When I awoke I was covered in sweat and shivering to the bone. I quickly jotted down all that I remembered. There is a message here, I thought. Not wanting to alarm the others, I kept this information to myself.

Posted by Erik on April 21, 2004, 12:40 | Rosorc’s Journal