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Of what I can rememberÖ

Tassar’s Journal

Ok, it is still clear that we were walking and foundÖ someone. I donít remember who or what it was, but it took us to someone else. This other person lived in a cave on the mountain. I do remember climbing the mountain, but I donít remember the little fellow being there with us when we reached the cave.

Now, the cave entrance I will remember forever. I have seen bone piles before; in caves of animals or some particular evil thing that had gathered its prizes. But this took the cake, no questions asked. This cave was filled, with of all things, the skulls of demons. Quite impressive. Some of the skulls were the size of my hand, other I could nearly stand in the eye sockets alone. Horns and all kinds of misshaped growths were represented on all of them.

In this cave we found a small house. Thinking this a possible deadly foe, everyone was checking their weapons and making sure they had a clear route to run if things went bad, when the new guy strolled up and yelled into the place. Then if that were not enough he knocked on the door. I guess he was thinking if you are going to one of the nine hells to get killed and eaten, you might as well be polite about it. No need to scare the possible mad creature with untold power by arriving unannounced.

Then I think some time passed, it is still a little fuzzy. I do clearly remember asking the lady who lived in the house for some ale. She gladly went into her house and returned and filled my mug. I intended to sip it first, but it was so tasty that my first sip was a good gulp. I was warm and feeling a little fuzzy in seconds. Then I donít remember much for a while.

From what I gathered from my companions I must have passed out after only a few more of my sips. I was also told that I vomited all over the new guy. At least I wasnít useless. Oh, Hexi something, that is what Areon said the little creature who took us to cave was named. Anyway, then we went to some kind of tower of heads and got directions. After that we went to a bridge and I am told that I tried to make a point for fighting some really big creatures. Again, I do not remember any of this.

As Deitricha tells me, the Hexi something was the elf-lady, or half elf-lady. I am a little confused on this all still. She also said that we went to a road and stole a brick from it. And that I had insisted on fighting a large hoard of flying demons. If she didnít look so serious, I would say she was pulling my leg. But as she told me the story, it was confirmed by nods from the others. I guess they talked me out of it, as I am alive and all.

She went on to tell me that the party then went back across the river of blood again (I might remember a river of blood) and we found more people to fight. As it is told, Rosorc and I both were wanting to stay and fight this batch. But, again we were not allowed to do so. Instead we ran to a portal. On the way to the portal we found a man with a black orb. This too I do not remember.

What I do remember is standing in a street with all my friends and some black orb was in my hands and it was turning to dust. I am not sure of much of this, with the pain still throbbing in my head from the ale. As we walk to find an inn, I notice a couple of things. First, everyone is covered in blood but me. Second, I have a war fork, and I canít remember where I got it. Third, the new guy is missing most of his hair. And there has got to be a good story about that.

Fourth, I got a chance to be in several fights and got as much as a swing in on a foe. This seems weird. Fifth and final, we are all still alive.

Posted by Jim on April 4, 2004, 16:29 | Tassar’s Journal