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Lost Wizard’s Spellbook

Adventures, DM’s Notes & Maps

Level 0
(Abjuration) Resistance
(Conjuration) Acid Splash
(Divination) Detect Magic
(Divination) Detect Poison
(Divination) Read Magic
(Enchantment) Daze
(Evocation) Dancing Lights
(Evocation) Flare
(Evocation) Light
(Evocation) Ray of Frost
(Illusion) Ghost Sound
(Necromancy) Disrupt Undead
(Necromancy) Touch of Fatigue
(Transmutation) Mage Hand
(Transmutation) Mending
(Transmutation) Message
(Transmutation) Open/Close
(Transmutation) Repair Minor Damage
(Universal) Arcane Mark
(Universal) Prestidigitation

Level 1
(Abjuration) Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
(Divination) Detect Secret Doors
(Evocation) Lesser Electric Orb
(Illusion) Nystul’s Magic Aura
(Necromancy) Ray of Enfeeblement
(Transmutation) Feather Fall

Level 2
(Divination) Locate Object
(Evocation) Darkness

100-page tome found in a Ruined Tower, in the Silver Marches.

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