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A Very Bad Feeling

William’s Journal

I want to get this down in what probably will be my last few minutes alive. I would say on this world, but being as we left our world I can’t. Allow me to explain.

I awoke this morning with a minor headache, probably from the unwarranted beating I got last night. I don’t blame Tassar though; there is something about that place that is definitely evil. I felt it from the moment I set foot in what was left of the door topside. I didn’t think much of it— just an underlying feeling I had. The longer I was there the more I got the impression it’s not the place but something it’s connected to. Things started to really get fuzzy at that point and all I wanted was some fresh air. I mentioned I was going up for some air, but no one seemed to notice so I just left. The sun and clean air was nice till I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I hate wolves.

I ran about as fast as I could till I got to the room with all the mage statues. Something about this room makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I walked the rest of the way to the room everyone was waiting in hurrying a little over the pit tap. I mentioned the wolves twice before anyone took notice and even then Tassar only wanted to kill one to eat it. I was all for it at the time though; it’s better to eat wolves then to be eaten by wolves anyway. I never noticed everyone else following us, not that we ever did get topside again. Had I known that was going to be my last look at the light of day, I would have relished it a bit more. But I digress; allow me to continue.

About half way up the stairs, one of the ladies we were traveling with called us back down. By the way Tassar ran back down I figured it was Deitricha who called, but I wasn’t sure, that feeling of being so close to evil suddenly got stronger. When we got to the room with the mage statues, Theona pointed out a hallway that was apparently behind a secret door and asked me, of all people, why I hadn’t noticed it. As politely as I could, I ignored the comment and went to join Tassar and Areon down the hall to see what had scared the ladies. At the end of the hall there was part of a ladder attached to a wall going down. About 20 feet down there seemed to be a dwarf apparently half buried under rubble. I tied my rope to a ladder rung and Tassar climbed down, I thought, to help the dwarf. What Tassar did next shocked me. I watched as he sat on the dwarf and pulled his beard. I hurriedly climbed down myself along with everyone else. Theona got Tassar off and I stared to remove the rubble. Helping the dwarf to his feet I attempted to make apologies, but all he seemed interested in was ale. Theona gave him some and he told us his name was Rosorc.

Rosorc had apparently been there awhile and as we talked a bit I head the creak of a door. I said, ďGreat now what?” I think Rosorc heard me because he dropped behind a shield with speed I didn’t think he had. Then there’s that feeling of evil, even stronger now. It feels like itís emanating form someplace very close by. The next thing I know I hear a slight clicking noise followed by a loud crash and I’m snapped back into focus again in time to see 2 armored figures attack Tassar and Deitricha. They apparently were caught on the wrong side of a cage that fell out of the ceiling. Everyone did what they could and Rosorc had some great ideas about me casting fire on some oil he smashed on the skeletons that appeared. After a while I ran out of good spells and decided to try to burn the bars away with an acid cantrip I had. Didn’t work. Then the bars were removed. I noticed this, but for some reason it didn’t register. That feeling of evil— it overwhelmed me I guess. I had trouble focusing as my mind started to drift. I saw what was going on around me, but I felt like I was somewhere else. Then someone yelled at me to help the fallen companions. I snapped back to real life and if I had known then I would have left in a hurry. By Lathander I almost did.

We went through the doors at the end of this hall and what I saw was a shambles. Even though I can see in the dark, I can’t see as well as in light, so I created light. In the center of this room on a table was what appeared to be a dissected gnome. Rosorc appeared to be very affected by it, and as he tried to cover it up the gnome turned its head and looked right into my eyes. What I saw there brought me back to a summer just after my ninth birthday. My dad and I were going back to Silverymoon from Everlund. This woman offered the guards some cash to travel with them and letís face it a little extra cash is always helpful. She had a child with her. I was latter informed that he was a tiefling, but at the time all I knew was that I didn’t like him. I asked him where his dad was as we camped the first night, he said Hell. I must have looked confused because the kid explained his dad lived in Hell and they were going to Hell to his dad. The look in his eyes gave me nightmares for weeks after.

The next thing I knew I was looking at a ceiling. Sitting up I looked around; I noticed we were in the same room with the dissected gnome, its head now lying on the floor. Deitricha told me how it spoke and I ran. She apologized profusely for beating me unconscious, even though I told her not to worry about it. She also informed me of the treasure they found while I was out and they were planning on resting here for another day to fully heal up. The feeling of evil surrounding us was still there, but not as intense. As we waited I pondered over my dream. I couldn’t for the life of me remember that boyís name. I still don’t know why it’s bothering me so much, I just get the feeling it would be very helpful.

After 2 days we opened what was to be the last door in this place. There was a chest filled with all kinds of goodies in it and a circle of runes on the floor. The feeling of evil was very strong there. It had me preoccupied as I tried to study the runes. Then, out of the corner of my eye I caught what appeared to be a copper piece fly through the air and vanish over the circle. Thatís when I figured it was a portal, but I didn’t know where to. At least I wasn’t positive. I simply mentioned it and that it probably went both ways; most portals do. PROBABLY. Meaning not definitely. Unfortunately Tassar didn’t understand the difference and went running in, followed by Deitricha yelling at him for doing so. I didn’t think— I just went after.

That feeling of evil is overpowering now as I open my eyes. It’s all around me as I notice the blood red sky above me and matching earth below me. Rosorc appears next to me and Theona and Areon show up a minute later holding hands. I try very hard to conceal my heritage within the depth of this outfit I got not too long ago. I watch as a large group of devils move between us and this green fortress off to the left. Tassar begins moving to the right towards some mountains. That seems like a better idea then the fortress so I follow. Thatís when I hits me. Haimen. His name was Haimen I say to myself as we begin to walk to what I hope will be a safe place for us.

Posted by Fred on March 28, 2004, 01:33 | William’s Journal