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William’s Journal

I waited patiently for a bit, but after a while of just standing there I asked if we could get moving again. At first there was no response, but soon enough the hall cleared out and I found myself walking down a flight of stairs. I heard someone mention about a room filled with crushed bones. This didn’t seem to bother anyone else but me, so I waited in the doorway and looked around for the glow of any magic items with that one very useful spell detect magic. I love that spell, comes in very handy. Noticing that there was nothing of interest in the room we moved on.

The next room seemed to have a story played out. There was a robed figure, much like a mage, pinned to the wall with a bastard sword. Apparently dead for some time now. On the floor not too far away was another figure, this one dressed in armor. This person had a bow, a shield and an empty scabbard. Now I noticed, upon entering, the statues of mages lining both sides of this room. Each one appeared to be in the middle of casting a different spell. Try as I might I couldn’t figure out just what was being cast. After taking everything of value we moved on.

Tassar was being impatient, and moving ahead fell into a pit trap. Deitricha decided to go after him. It took us a while to get them out. Tassar still impatient tried to jump, but being so small only made it back into the pit again. We got him out and Theona, with a rope around her waist, jumped to the other side. This is where I lost interest for about a minute. The next thing I knew I heard combat from the other side. Being so far back I could only stand there. After a bit I was able to see enough to get off a spell, but it wasn’t enough. Tassar, who had apparently found a way across, went down just after Theona was yanked back across the pit trap by Areon. Theona quickly wedged the trap shut, showing she thinks better under pressure, and off Deitricha went to save Tassar. Thatís when I got a good look at the enemy. I wasn’t sure if they were constructs or undead so I tried a disruption spell on one to no effect. After that all I could do was attempt to do actual damage. All my spells missed. All except for the last one that is. That one accidentally hit Tassar. I apologized but I donít think he heard me because after the constructs fell he turned on me so fast no one could stop him. It was totally uncalled for and we’re going to have a discussion about it soon. One he wonít forget.

Posted by Fred on March 9, 2004, 20:11 | William’s Journal