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Looking for Adventure

William’s Journal

I got home late last night from my last trip. I was paid as usual, and asked if I would like to sign on again. I refused; I told the Captain it’s too boring, but I’ll keep it in mind. I went down to the Bright Blade Brandished Inn for some dinner and a few drinks. Listening to some rumors I found out an old acquaintance had died during a short-lived adventure. I thought about it a little and decided I’ll find his companions, offer my sympathies, and any help they might require. I know some might find it wrong, but it still seems to be a good opportunity for me, that is, if they don’t mind my company. It only took a few questions to get some names and an address. Theona Galanodel seems to be the reasonable one to see first. Elves, are after, all a bit more sensible then most races. I’ll stop by her place around mid-morning. I only hope she’s home.

Posted by Fred on February 27, 2004, 11:58 | William’s Journal