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William’s Bio


William, image (c) Kristin Johnson
Born in Silverymoon, William is an only child. His mother died during his birth and he was raised by his aunt till around the age of 6. When he was older, his father thought it would be good for William to learn how the world works and decided to take him on some travels. It was rough sometimes, but William and his father seemed to make a good team. They went with different caravans to all the neighboring towns, and even as far away as Ten Towns. One day about five years ago, shortly after Williamís 20th birthday, his father came down seriously ill while on a long journey. Williamís father never did see Silverymoon again. William continued guarding caravans, but now with the 5-year contract being up, he wants to do some traveling of his own.

Character sheet: William Devono [Aasimar Warmage]

Cause of death: dire boar searching for the chewy nougat center.

Posted by Fred on February 26, 2004, 10:27 | XPCs