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Home and Alive

Areon’s Journal

…We managed to drag all the wounded to a dead-ended hallway and prepared for a fight, but Antonio had other ideas.

He dumped oil all over the ground in the 5-foot wide passage that we were in and when the fist Kobold appeared, he tried to light the oil on fire. He passed out, so I dragged him out of the way, but the oil caught fire, torching the kobold and blocking off the tunnel for a short time.

The tunnel quickly filled with smoke, and we were forced to find a new place to hide. Tassar and I carried everyone to the ledge that we had been ambushed from last. We pulled up the ladder, giving us a safe spot to stay at for a while. Tassar and I kept watch for about 16 hours while kobold would sneak up, attack and flee. Of course, we were often able to notice them coming before they realized that we had and would manage to surprise the ambushers. Finally the attacks stopped for a while, and Tassar and I were able to get some rest.

Deitricha came to; enough at least to cast a healing spell on herself and on a few of us. Tassar decided that he should wander off alone in the dark to attack the kobolds. Deitricha gave him her everburning torch, which Tassar promptly hid under his clothing. He then wandered off.

Shortly after we heard a rain of sling stones, and Tassar tossed Deitricha’s torch on the ground, providing some illumination of the ambush he had blundered into. Theona rushed ahead to help Tassar, but I spotted a group coming to attack us from the rear, so I did my best to keep them from over running us. The battle was quite taxing, as Antonio went into unconsciousness again. But after we had driven off the attack we were un-harassed for a whole day. We decided that we should tread deeper into the cave, since we seemed to be in better shape than the past couple days. Theona led the party into a very narrow tunnel, and I heard a curse, and then a loud bang, and it appeared that the party had become deafened. I guessed it was the work of a thunderstone, but I didn’t see it, so I was not sure.

Tassar rushed into yet another ambush, this one led by a bigger kobold who was in armor and carrying a battleaxe. Deitrcha healed the wound I had accumulated, but the kobold hit her with his axe and she went down with a nasty gash in her side. I knew I couldn’t help her, so I tried my hardest to take out the axe-wielding kobold, but his armor just deflected all my attacks. He managed to make me see stars with that axe, and I knew I was out of the fight. The rest of the party managed to kill him, and fortunately all the kobolds scattered when he went down. Theona found the rest of the tribe, and “bargained” terms for them to leave in peace.

We rigged up a stretcher for Deitrcha, and headed home with our treasure. We must have been quite a sight, four bloody warriors traveling with a fifth unconscious comrade…

We took Deitrcha to her temple where a cleric healed her wounds. Then we headed to celebrate.

There was a greatsword in the treasure, which had been obviously made by a master weaponsmith, so I asked that I could take it as part of my treasure. We split up the rest, selling the other jewelry and weapons. Over all I think we all managed to collect about 600 gold worth of items (and reward) each…that should keep us well off for a little while…

Posted by Tim on January 18, 2004, 13:25 | Areon’s Journal