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Alive and well

Antonio’s Journal

We pulled back into a more easily defensible position and I had Tassar dump some oil on one space and when I went to light it I fell unconscious. When I came to, I was informed that it didn’t work, but Tassar lit the oil for me and that kept the kobolds at bay for a while from that end. Looking around I noticed they had moved however, the smoke was too much.

I was up for a bit and we were waiting for Deitricha and Theona to come around. I tried to help Tassar and Areon defend the area, but was knocked unconscious again.

I came to a little while later and shortly after as did Theona and Deitricha. We spent the rest of the day there and Areon and Tassar got some much needed and deserved rest.

After a bit of healing we set off, more because Tassar was anxious to be going more than anything else. We didn’t go far before we were attacked and I was almost immediately knocked out of the fight. I was conscious this time though. I saw everyone fight there best and when it was over Deitricha healed me a little and off we went again. We came to what looked a lot like a living space. Theona heard some noise down a small passage way, but forgot to look for traps. There was a loud explosion and I couldn’t hear for a while. Following the passage we came upon more kobolds. It was a battle and we were victorious.

All that was left was defenseless women and children. Someone mentioned slaughtering them, but I couldn’t allow that. The kobolds said they would give us a chest of treasure if we let them live. That sounded fair but I told them they had to leave the mine. They did and so we went home to collect our earnings. I’m springing for the first round of drinks and the best food at the Bright Blade Brandished.

Posted by Fred on January 13, 2004, 23:48 | Antonio’s Journal