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Tassar’s Bio

Tassar’s Journal XPCs

Tassar, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Tassar is a spoiled rotten kid who has driven his parents to the point of kicking him out. The family took nearly every one of his possessions and kicked him out. His father told him not to return until he has grown up.

Furious at what he considered a betrayal, Tassar set out to make a name for himself. He hopes to return one day and rub his fame in his family’s faces.

Slowly he began wandering, looking for a place to give him a chance to prove himself a great fighter. He has joined many a party, just to find himself getting kicked out after a short amount of time. Once, he had the first watch, just to wake up and find the party moved out without him in the morning.

Tassar is trying to change, but it may take a great deal of time.

Character sheet: Tassar Dardragon [Strongheart Halfling Fighter]

Cause of death: Okay, not really dead, just hiding from us. His riding dog is dead though.

Posted by Jim on January 2, 2004, 18:08 | Tassar’s Journal | XPCs