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Areon’s Bio

Areon’s Journal ~PC Bios~

Areon, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Areon was born in the Moonwood, though none of his memories actually take place there. His parents moved north to the Cold Wood very shortly after he was born.

Not long after settling in the Wood, the Elauwit family was attacked by a large band of orc raiders. Though both of Areon’s parents fought valiantly, killing dozens of orcs between them, the orcs were too many. If not for the Uthgardt hunting party that heard the commotion and intervened, the Elauwit line surely would have ended.

The Elauwit family and the Uthgardt tribes have been very cooperative with each other since that day. Dimore has helped to train rangers and scouts for the Uthgardts and the Uthgardts have helped to train Areon to fight orcs. Though the Elauwits are followers of Solonor Thelanria, Areon’s time with the Uthgardts has taught him much of their religion. He has adapted many of the Uthgardts teachings to supplement his religion.

While Areon was being trained, a raiding party of orcs overran a small hunting party of Uthgardts, slaughtering them. Areon disappeared into the woods when he heard the news. No one saw him for two weeks, and the worst had been assumed. When he returned, he carried over his shoulder a sack filled with the heads of seven orcs, one for each member of the hunting party killed.

The Uthgardts promised to create for him a weapon of his choice. Areon asked for a greatsword, which drew much amusement from the Uthgardts. They wondered, “How could the small elf, only a little over five feet tall, wield a sword longer than he was tall?” Areon quietly accepted the sword and returned home.

A few weeks later an orc raiding party attacked the camp during the night. Though the orcs were driven away, they managed to loot much of the camp during the battle. The next morning the Chief found that the tribe’s lineage records, which were carved into a large silver sculpture of a tiger, had been stolen.

Areon volunteered immediately to go and find them, knowing that the Uthgardt rangers were needed to stay to help hunt for food and track Orcs. The Uthgardts accepted his offer gratefully, presenting him with a holy symbol that would help protect him in his quest.

Areon’s mother gave him a blank spell book before he left and asked that he
keep a log of his travels in it. She explained that should the unthinkable happen to him, the book would teleport itself back to her.

For 3 months now Areon has been searching for the totem. He has hunted down many orcs, interrogating each victim before they die. His search has led him to Silverymoon, where he believes the totem is going to be sold, or worse. He hopes to find it before to long so he can return home.

Character sheet: Areon Elauwit [Wood Elf Ranger]

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