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March 29, 2009

on the move

Salma's Journal

After we’d wasted hours on capturing a flying eyeball, we realized that boredom was a greater enemy than the mysterious assassins. I even offered to walk the streets as bait - it worked last time!

Tythe instead twisted the assassin-aquired ring on her finger (again), and Deaglan followed suit. Astrid and I quickly talked it over. Being separated wasn’t safe; leaving the room wasn’t safe!

Still, no one would see us leave (the eyeball’s cage was covered), so hopefully we’d be able to surprise some assassins back in the lair. Astrid and I twisted the rings on our fingers and followed our teammates.

The ring of runes hadn’t changed, but someone had reanimated the poor guards we’d battled before. They were still covered with wounds, but attacked us as undead. As the others fought them, I turned them, trying to release their souls from their unholy prisons.

To make sure of the job we also burned the bodies. If anyone live was around, they certainly knew we were there after that! No one was upstairs at the other rune circle, so, before exiting to the haunted part of the city, we decided to explore the other tunnel Tythe had found.

She’d been unable to see, before, having been on such an unplanned visit. We argued a little about Astrid casting light on the walls and it being too obvious. I ended up with a light spell on my headdress as a result...

Luckily, the sixty foot hallway was empty. The double doors at the end were open, showing a great hall with two rows of columns and a large stone slab at the end. It remained quiet even when we walked inside.

There was, however, an opening in the left wall. It turned out to be a doorway with steps leading down. There was an closed door at the bottom, but an open pit at the base of the steps between us and it!

Tythe remembered hearing movement on the other side of the door, and being attacked in the dark when she went inside. Leaning across the pit, which was five feet across, twenty feet deep, and full of spikes, she opened it again.

There were several bodies in the next room.. upright rusty armor and skeletal remains and undead eyes glinting at us! We instantly thought to try to lure them into the pit trap, shouting and waving, but they just stared.

When I shot at one, it dodged away; Deaglan hit one but didn’t really hurt them. I turned them, destroying the closest, but the wave of energy didn’t reach to the rest. I tied a rope around my waist for Tythe to hold and jumped across into the room.

That got a reaction! Several turns later (I am eternally grateful to Irori for granting me access to extra spells!), and the room was cleared. The others jumped across and we walked the length of the room.

Now we’re standing before another closed door...

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